Hunstanton Dogs enjoy a Massage Day!

Barked By Frodo | 2nd June 2016

Hunstanton Dogs enjoy a Massage Day!

It was lovely to welcome Louise and her K9 assistant, Ruby, from Hands 4 Hands who came along to Hunstanton to give a talk and demonstration on Canine Massage. Mumzie has learnt so much and I’m really looking forward to reaping the benefits!

Not only is massage really nice and relaxing it can help with a range of conditions such as arthritis, hip and elbow dysplasia, ligament damage, spondylosis and age related stiffness. The long term benefits include improved mobility, flexibility and muscle tone, a better quality of life, improved circulation, a shiny coat, less stiffness and it helps with post surgery recovery times.

Dog massage techniques are very similar to those used on humans. They include effleurage (long, slow strokes), friction (pressure without moving the skin), percussion (drumming with fingers ), and petrissage (kneading).  Your human can safely give you a basic massage at home if they follow the technique in the video demonstration given by Louise and her assistant, Ruby. (apologies for the wobbliness of the video, mumzie’s fault).

If you are recovering from an operation or injury however,  it’s probably best that you call in a professional doggy masseur.  Please make sure they are qualified. You’ll also need permission from your vet before they can see you.

Doggy massage is nothing new, it’s been around for a long time. The first documented records go back as far as 2700BC and  Julius Caesar used to order massages for his war dogs! Today most doggy massage is based on what we call Swedish Massage developed by Per Henrik Ling.

Dog massage

If you fancy a massage then Louise from Hands 4 Hands can visit you in your own home or at one of the Veterinary clinics she holds across Norfolk.  (Tel: 07761 8288736).

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  1. That’s a great article, Frodo. Sorry we couldn’t be there too. Woofs, Josef an Emma.

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