Animal Welfare of Luxor

Barked By Guest Barker | 29th January 2017

Animal Welfare of Luxor

Lucky and Peggy live at the Animal Welfare of Luxor (AWOL) medical centre on the west bank of the Nile in Luxor, Egypt.  Lucky has lived with AWOL for nearly 5 years. She was rescued from the jaws of a Nile Monitor Lizard by some local children back in Spring 2012. She was only a couple of weeks old at the time. Unfortunately one of her paws was so badly damaged it was almost severed from her leg and had to be amputated by AWOL’s vet Dr Mohamed. Nile Monitor lizards can reach up to 7 feet in the wild so Lucky had a very lucky escape!

Lucky spent the first few months of her life living with a supporter in her flat in Luxor before moving to the AWOL centre when it opened in early 2013. She now lives there with the other AWOL dogs Dobby, Tufty and most recent resident Peggy, and is a very happy and, indeed, lucky little dog.

Peggy is the newest resident at the AWOL centre. She was brought into the centre in July 2016 by an expat. This poor little puppy was being mistreated by local children and had even been thrown in one of the canals. She was unable to stand or walk properly and was in a very poor state. We are not sure if she was born with her disability or if it was caused by her mistreatment. Dr Mohamed could not find any broken bones but her back legs were severely wasted and weak.

Initially poor little Peggy could not stand for more than a few seconds and could not walk more than a few steps. She was only around 3 months old and had had a horrible start to life. Peggy was also infested with ticks, fleas and worms so she was treated for these by Dr Mohamed and assistant Ahmed gave her a good bath and removed the horrible ticks from her ears.

Peggy has been at the AWOL centre for 6 months and has improved enormously during this time with continued physiotherapy and a good diet. She can now walk and get around reasonably well but her legs are still abnormal and she does not walk properly. She is a very happy little dog though, always wagging, and has taken a great liking to guard Nouby.

Bad starts for both these dogs but they are now happy and well cared-for by AWOL and enjoy living with Dobby and Tufty at the AWOL centre.  Without AWOL they would probably not have survived; they would have been left on the streets to fend for themselves. Unfortunately dogs are not always wanted in Egypt so re-homing dogs is always difficult and would be impossible for Lucky and Peggy with their disabilities.

Thanks to AWOL and its supporters they are safe but with inflation running at 25% in December last year, the cost of dog food and medicines increasing every week, and the increasing number of animals the charity is treating times are very difficult for this small charity in Luxor. AWOL is doing as much as it can to help the animals and their poor owners of this impoverished area and there are many grateful animals and owners who are very glad they are there.

AWOL provides free veterinary care and replacement tack and dog collars for the animals belonging to the poor locals in the agricultural area on the west bank of the Nile in Luxor. It is a small charity run by the UK Managing trustee Angela, who lives in Norfolk and the AWOL Luxor trustees in Egypt. AWOL treats hundreds of animals every month, mainly dogs and donkeys, and never charges the impoverished locals for the treatment. AWOL is the ONLY animal charity based on the west bank providing free treatment for animals belonging to the poor locals.

 To find out more about AWOL visit their website  or follow them on facebook

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