The Barking Bugle at Pup Aid 2017

Barking Bugle Repawter's supawstar's behaviour at Pup Aid - disgraceful or not? You decide....

Barked By Gizmo | 4th September 2017

The Barking Bugle at Pup Aid 2017

Wow – What a pawesome day I had at the annual Pup Aid dog show in Primrose Hill, London, which raises awareness of the cruelty of puppy farming!  I enjoyed myself immensely even though I was rebuked in no uncertain manner by the Barking Bugle Boss, Frodo Cavalier, as soon as I walked through the front door when I returned home!  He had been following the events of the day via his many canine contacts who were also present.  He told me – and these were his words – ‘You are an absolute disgrace to the profession of K9 journalism!  Most of the time you were seen hobnobbing with celebrities in the VIP area, drinking copious amounts of free pawsecco, scoffing your face whenever there was an opportunity and posing for photographs with the puparazzi at any given moment! Never mind there were serious issues to repawt on!’

Well, I was a little taken aback by what Frodo had barked at me.  My infamous drinking reputation did not help my cause but I did explain to my older brother that I had actually been working very hard despite what it may have seemed.  It was great to meet the TV and radio presenter Lizzie Cundy, who incidentally awarded me 5th place in the Golden Oldies’ Class, Calum and his mum, Angie Best, Sir Tony Robinson, Sue Perkins, Jonny Mitchell from hit TV show ‘Love Island’ and Stephanie Pratt from ‘Made in Chelsea’.

Gizmo with TV and radio presenter Lizzie Cundy

Gizmo hanging out with Angie Best

Gizmo gets cuddles from Great British Bark Off presenter Sue Perkins

Now what you may not realise is that these actors/presenters/celebs absolutely love dogs and are very vocal in the anti-puppy farming campaign, and they have thousands and thousands of followers on social media.  As I’ve already stated the aim of Pup Aid is to raise awareness of the exceedingly cruel practice of puppy farming and it is thanks to celebrities such as the ones that I met at Pup Aid, that the message is being broadcast far and wide, and up and down the country, via their twitter/instagram and other social media accounts.   Thus I was not ‘hobnobbing’ as Frodo put it, but engaging in serious debate with fellow crusaders!

An honour and a privilege to meet Sir Tony Robinson and get a cuddle!

Made In Chelsea star – Stephanie Pratt

Frodo listened to what I had to say and even though I do have a reputation for binge drinking and behaving appallingly in public, he had to admit rather begrudgingly, that my style of repawting may have been justified after all and is now considering offering me the position of Deputy Editor!

Chilling with Love Island fav – Jonny Mitchell

Now dear readers, if you are thinking of having a new family member please do consider adoption first, and visit your local rescue centre which is full of lovely doggies just waiting to find their furever home.  If, however, your heart is set on a puppy always ask, ‘Where’s mum?’ and insist on seeing the puppy in its breeding environment…visit for lots more advice.

This is what Marc the Vet, the founder of Pup Aid, who works tirelessly to promote the cause has to say on his website: ‘Puppy farming is the mass commercial production of puppies purely for profit and without a thought for the welfare or happiness of the pup, breeding bitch or stud dogs. On a puppy farm breeding dogs and pups are usually kept in horrific, dark conditions, totally unsocialised and riddled with both infectious and inbred often incurable diseases. These poorly pups are then sold en-masse to pet shops, online or from free newspaper ads and usually die soon after reaching their new home.’  Puppy farmers are operating in Norfolk and everywhere else in the country, so please please do heed the advice from Pup Aid.

Woofs Gizmo – K9 Repawter for the Barking Bugle

Feature Image – Gizmo with Calum Best


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