Birthday Celebration Ends in Drinks Fest

Barked By Josef | 26th August 2015

Birthday Celebration Ends in Drinks Fest

As you may know, I, Emma Teckel, had my 8th birthday on 24th August. The celebrations have been ongoing, but ended in shame on Wednesday 26th at a Dersingham Pub. My good friend and colleague Frodo Cavalier, editor of this newspaper, joined me along with Will-I-Am and my brother, Josef Teckel. The venue was The Feathers Pub and Restaurant, very close to the Sandringham estate. We just love how they market their hostelry.

We saw some other dogs, but muddy kids were in very short supply. Talk about being a popular pub!  When we arrived just after noon, we had one of their three bars all to ourselves, but by the time we left, the place was heaving with people including a few other dogs. The pawrents were all impressed with the decor, while we concentrated on the table decoration.

The Feathers

Yes, there was cutlery for the humans, but have you noticed the centrepiece? Those are not canapés! Let’s give you a close up.


Yaaay! They really really do love dogs here as you can see from the pile of biscuits they brought us.  The waiters were wonderful too, sometimes stopping by to make a fuss of us. We really really liked them. They are people of action as well as words.  If you happen to be in this part of the world, we thoroughly recommend The Feathers, and are sure you will love it as much as we did.

The human food was delicious and we recommend the home made steak and kidney pudding, beer battered haddock and veggie sausages and mash; our pawrents said the deliciousness was hard to beat. We enjoyed our food too and here we are sitting round the table, replete after the meal.

Suddenly things took a turn for the worse with the opening of my birthday presents. Biscuits are always welcome, and there were some amazing treats in the gift bag.

Unfortunately, Frodo’s brother Pupster had to stay at home as he is a shy man, and preferred a quiet snooze on the sofa. Sadly, Gizmo was seriously hung over from the previous evening’s revelry and had not yet emerged from his darkened man cave. However, as a party boy, he likes to think of others enjoying themselves, and had sent Emma something no good Christian girl should receive…….a bottle of beer!


Now this is no ordinary beer, but Snuffles Dog Beer! Yes, it really does exist, and trust old Gizmo to have sniffed it out. Josef, who is just a little less divine than me was nearest to the beer and as you can see showed extreme interest. We are not sure if it was he who had already downed a half pint of San Miguel! Once outed, Josef secreted the dog beer in his man bag, bearing the sign “World Cup Grog Only.”  Mum has given up and is currently reviewing her sermon for Sunday in the hope of saving the boy from his foolish ways.

I am sad to report that we think our beloved Editor, Frodo Cavalier, has also succumbed to the demon drink, and we are pretty certain it was he who downed the other half pint of San Miguel. Before long he was inebriated, and rested his head on Mum’s knee to recover from the experience.

The Feathers 5

It is a sad reflection on our journalists that long pub lunches have become the norm these days, and that those of weak disposition turn to drink to help them get through the rest of the day. As the only sober ones, the saintly Will-i-Am and I are holding the fort for the time being. We are hopeful of restoring normal service tomorrow.

Emma Teckel, Investigative Journalist, The Barking Bugle.

The Feathers, 71 Manor Road, Dersingham, King’s Lynn, Norfolk. PE31 6LN  Tel: 01485 540768

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