Final Day at Crufts with Josef

Barked By Josef | 23rd March 2016

Final Day at Crufts with Josef

Every year Crufts rotates the days on which the various breeds compete at the show.  I was so lucky this year because Sunday was Dachshund Day.  In fact, I had an exciting two days because on Saturday Bruno the Instagram VIP Dog was holding audience and inviting dogs to be photographed with him, in aid of The Kennel Club Charitable Trust. I had made an appointment to see Bruno before the show, so that we could have a good old chat after one of his public appearances.

Bruno is an exceptionally handsome fellow and was taking his VIP duties very seriously.

During my interview with his Mum, I discovered that she had chosen a dachshund to be a member of her family, because of our huge personalities.  “They are small dogs, but proper dogs” she said.

Bruno is 2 years old and his Mum, Lindsey, orginally started posting photos of Bruno on her own Facebook page.  When it became dog overloaded, she decided to log his lifelong progress via Instagram.  She was surprised that her photos have gone viral, attracting 70,000 followers to date.  So far, Bruno has posted 2,000 photographs and certainly knows that his fame demands he live the high life.

Lindsay has 10,000 photos of Bruno on her phone just because she loves him. Not for her a show dog, but a wonderful pet who helps her raise awareness of Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) in Dachshunds.  IVDD is likely to become an increasing problem in future years, since registation of Dachshunds at the Kennel Club has increased by 60% in recent times.

By now, it was time to go, so with one quick pic of Lindsay, Bruno, Mum and me, off we went with a spring in our paws.


On Sunday, we hot-pawed it to Hall 4 for the dachshund competition classes.  So many dachshunds of all varieties were there, and despite all the champions, I still attracted quite a lot of admiration.  Mum complains that she only ever takes two steps before someone stops her to pat me!  It proves the point that you never get a short walk with a hound!

We recently become aware that a dachshund who lives near to us would be at Crufts, and were delighted to see him in the ring while we were there.  Here is Billie waiting to be ‘gone over’ by the judge.  Mum Diana Chambers is very proud of him.  We have been talking on Facebook for some time, but will now meet up in person from time to time. Great isn’t it?

Dachshunds 4

Judging takes quite a long time, so I people-watched, and was intrigued to see how the onlookers pass their time.  Looks like some deep conversation is going on here, while one little dachshund explores the goodies in the bag.

Dachshunds 3

Waiting around for your turn in the ring can be tiresome and we caught this young lady deep in thought while cuddling her  two dachshunds.

onlookers 2

Eventually, the winner was chosen and his owner graciously allowed me to photograph him. Meet Cliffmere Forester belonging to Mr. D and Mrs. W. Hall.


Isn’t he magnificent?  And guess what?  We picked him from our seats by the ringside.  What a wonderful end to our visit to our own breed rings.  For us, it was a little piece of heaven.

Josef Teckel, News Editor, the Barking Bugle.  

Bruno photographs:  Lindsay Jane Sanders.




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2 thoughts on “Final Day at Crufts with Josef”

  1. Jan harrison says:

    I have two Daushunds and have a lodge in Hunstanton. When I lived in London I used to attend a group called Sausage Meet. Where all sausage dog owners and the dogs would meet to walk them once a month in pre arranged locations. Do you know of any similar group in Norfolk ? If not I would be willing to start a group.

  2. Josef and Emma says:

    Yes there is a such a group, but most of their walks happen in the East of the County, Norwich /Lowestoft areas, which is quite a long way for us, being in the extreme west of the county. See Dachshunds in Suffolk and Norfolk. And just to confuse you there is also Dachshunds in Norfolk & Suffolk; both are on Facebook. You are very much closer than us to anything they do.

    There is nothing to stop a FB group being formed for West Norfolk, as there are some lovely areas around here, like Sandringham, Old Hunstanton beach, Holme, etc. We would be interested, tho not usually on Sunday mornings, due to Church commitments.

    By the way are you aware of the Hunstanton Fun Dog Show on Saturday, 14th May at Glebe House School? We started Dachshund racing last year, which was very popular and a bit of a crowd puller, and it is billed as a feature again this year. Please do bring your two if you can. The more the merrier and the greater the fun.

    Look forward to meeting you. Josef and Emma. xx

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