Frodo bids farewell to Crufts

Barked By Frodo | 16th March 2016

Frodo bids farewell to Crufts

Well that’s it pals, my last ever Crufts!  After an executive meeting with my PA (paws assistant) I have decided to retire from attending this event.  I’m getting a little older and it is a long day so, next year my younger brother Gizmo will be repawting, the one who likes beer and footie and has a passion for the colour pink!

So what did I get up to this year!  Well no sooner had I arrived when Iwan Thomas from the One Show and Crufts presenter collared me for a few barks.  Being experienced in all things TV I handled myself magnificently: barking in all the right places and applying a soulful expression right on cue. Sadly dad isn’t used to all this fuss from the paparazzi and was a bit rubbish, so they didn’t show it on TV! Dad is very sorry so I have forgiven him!

Iwan thomas

Later on in the press office I met up with legendary author  Jilly Cooper and asked for a few tips on writing my pawography. I got the idea that to write a successful book you need a hero, well that’s me, an anti-hero which will be Gizmo and a love interest. Um… that’s tricky, I am not sure about all this romantic stuff being a batchelor – I needed some advice!

Jilly Cooper

Luckily my good pal Annabelle was able to help me out!  It seems romance is all about spending my doggy chunks from Barkleys on presents, preferably edible, anything purple and lots of Cake!  We did feel a bit awkward having this discussion but paws crossed if I get this right – romance may be on the cards!  Watch this space! After spending years as an ex-puppy farm dog I think she needs a gentleman like me to treat her like a lady!

It was time to hit the shops and my first stop was at the Cavalier Matters stand to get a present for cousin Will-I-am who has been unwell with pancreatitis. I just loved everything  and bought 2 lovely fleecy blankets and a coaster for mum.  I also stopped off at Ruff and Tumble and got treated to one of their coats (as modelled by me in the feature image).

There are lots of very clever dogs at Crufts including Pudsey with his human Ashleigh. I stopped off to watch them perform some tricks before photo-bombing them…naughty I know, but I never said I was 100% perfect!

PicMonkey Collage

Back at the press office Josef and I were invited by Crufts to join a photoshoot with 2 actors from a popular TV series.  All very exciting, but I’ll leave Josef to tell you all about that!

Throughout the two days I spoke to lots of people and met lots of doggies.  I’ve got lots more to tell you about, including the Pets Get Scanning Petition headed up by Bruce Forsyth’s daughter, Laura. This is something very important that we should all support.

I was sad when it was time to bid Crufts farewell.  I have never won Best in Show, but I certainly donned the best tie in the place!

CdabMRTXIAIV1TZ.jpg-largePhoto Credit Dog Star

We are sports fans in our house, and particularly remember retiring tennis stars leaving the Wimbledon court for the final time, so I needed to plan my grand exit from this amazing annual show. How could I exit Crufts in a suitably memorable manner? Following my regular attendance and many appearances with great celebrities and other good people, surely I could be afforded a grand farewell?

Over the years, I have been so thrilled to be accompanied by my PA but on this special occasion I wanted to do things just a little differently.  Therefore, I approached a super special doggy star Matisse, the winner of ‘Britain’s got Talent’ in 2015.  Could he help me on this occasion?  The response was immediate. “Sure my dear friend. How would it be if I pushed you out of the building myself?”   And so, to the cheers of the crowds, Matisse ensured I had the greatest exit a dog has ever had.  I came the first time as a young reporter, and today I left as the superstar of doggy journalists,…… and the editor of a prestigious and unique newspaper no less.


Photo Credit – On Edition

So long Crufts; I’ve had a brilliant time attending for the last few years. Thanks for the doggy press passes, the use of the office for naps, and not being cross when I peed in the corridor.

Woofs Frodo – Barking Bugle Editor

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4 thoughts on “Frodo bids farewell to Crufts”

  1. Patricia McKinley & Leah & Ruby says:

    Brilliant Frodo loved this sad you wont be attending next year. You are a ledgend live your stories xx

    1. Thank you Patricia, don’t worry I will still be writing repawts, just not Crufts ones. Woofs Frodo xx

  2. Diane Kenworthy says:

    Frodo i loved that so funny please can you do a blog on facebook i would read every time so funny xxx

    1. Woofy thanks Diane, I have a facebook page for the Barking Bugle
      and now my own personal one!!!
      Woofs Frodo

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