From Food to Fashion – We’ve Seen It All

Barked By Josef | 30th March 2016

From Food to Fashion – We’ve Seen It All

Looking back at my Crufts reports, they look a bit like the society pages of a posh Sunday supplement.  That may be true, but there were many other sides to this great show that were extremely interesting and exciting.

I was on the look out for ethical foods and there was no shortage.  Just like last year I came across the Billy and Margot stand and, would you believe, their people were looking out for me to visit them again?   They made so much fuss of me I was almost embarrassed but hey, who can resist the adoration of a couple of pretty girls?

Crufts B & M

OK, I didn’t photograph terribly well here, but it’s not easy when you have to share yourself with two beauties. Of course they offered me treats and I thanked them very much before bidding them farewell until the next time.  Oh, did I mention that their range includes delicious doggy ice cream?

Of course other food retailers were available and I was keen to visit my own special brand, Natural Instinct, because they always give me treats, hugs and kisses.

Very early on I discovered that humans benefit from a Crufts’ visit as much as their dogs. There were hundreds of clothing stands for them, with no shortage of buyers. What a cheek! This is a dog show, not a fashion outlet for humans, but hey, if it makes them feel good! This fellow was trying on jumpers, and in his defence, they were doggy decorated.


For the ladies on the same stand there were hundreds of scarves, each decorated with a specific dog breed.  Strangely, the men seemed to outnumber the women in the retail stakes.

Of course for the fashion conscious canine there were loads of outlets.  Coats, trendy collars, harnesses and leads, outdoor clothing were all there, as well as useful items such as Ruff and Tumble drying coats, like the one I modelled for them last year.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 13.15.47

For keep-fit enthusiasts who nip off to the doggy gym for a daily workout there were tremendous outfits that would probably also serve as wet weather gear. This cheeky little inflated model’s clothing can probably be made for any dog from a chihuahua to a great dane. You’ve got to love those leg warmers!

Crufts fashion

For the sassy lass who favours individuality and designer labels we found this great outfit from Doodles by Linda.

Crufts fashion 2

Along with the woolly jumpers and boleros were designer overcoats, with pockets if desired, and hats, bags, cushions etc.  You name it, and it was there.  Linda is a lovely lady who can be found on Face Book (see Doodles by Linda). Moving along, there were plenty of dog bowl stands and on this one I noticed something quite special and puzzling.

I have no problem with the double bowls, but six bowls in one block means either a very hungry pooch or a half dozen well trained dogs, each of whom would never dream of stealing from their neighbour!  Since I am apparently not such a gentleman I bought Emma a nice little floral number from Dapper Dog; oh, and a matching pink floral bed too!

Actually as I write this on a cold, stormy day I rather fancy one of their new, antibacterial rugs that can be easily rolled up for travelling.  But did I get one?  Some hopes!  Apparently, my ‘gift’ was an expensive few days at Crufts.  Humph!

With my three day visit nearly to an end, I dashed around to find some gifts for friends. Mum’s favourite place for this is CoziesWorld, and we came away with what seemed like hundreds of mini-dachshunds, all reasonably priced, and just right to send by post. Of course they had other breeds, and we are hoping they will also come to our Fun Dog Show on May 14th.

It was with happy hearts that Mum and I made our way home from Crufts.  We had a great time, although Mum complained every day about the 20 minute uphill walk back to the hotel. I told her it was good for her health.  That’s more than can be said for her purse and she’s still muttering about having to shell out £30 to post the dachshund toys to my friends all around the world. But hey, if you can’t share Crufts with people who can’t attend in person, it’s a sad world isn’t it?

Josef Teckel, News Editor, The Barking Bugle.  

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