Frontline – Tried and Tested

Barked By Gizmo | 29th June 2017

Frontline – Tried and Tested

We were really excited when we were invited to the Frontline 21st Birthday Pawty and to have starring roles in their new promotional video.  We had the most amazing day even though in my excitement I wrecked the entire film set 3 times, ate my entire body weight in cake and was sick on the way home! Frodo of course was his usual pawfect self, smiling for the camera with toothy grin right on cue!  Pupstar and cousin Will-I-am also joined us on the day and besides lots of treats we were given several Frontline products from their new range to try out. Over the last few months we’ve tried and tested them – here’s our review!

Daily Spritz Spray

This is a conditioning  spray with macadomia oil and wheat extract which helps to refresh and protect our skin and keep our coats shiny.  It has a pawesome smell which is ideal for any dogs like me.  I like to roll in anything and everything and mum has taken to keeping this product in the car so she can give me a spray, and hence doesn’t have to drive home with the windows open ‘cos I stink of horse poo!  You simply spray and massage in, or if covered in something disgusting, just spray!

Leave in Foam

This is a leave in cleanser and conditioner and an alternative to a wet shampoo.   It contains Inca inchi oil and again has a pleasant smell. This is great when you just need a freshen up. Mum keeps this in the motorhome for the same reason as above, me rolling in stuff!  When we are camping bathing is tricky so this product is ideal.


Frontline do a range of shampoos to suit different types of skin and coats.  We tried  the sensitive skin shampoo when none of the above can help the smell coming off me ‘cos I’ve rolled in something really, really too disgusting to mention!  We try to avoid baths if we can but every now and then we have to scrub up nicely for a photoshoot or event. This shampoo has worked well for us and we’ve not had any skin irritation.

Skin Care Gel

This product is to help patches of irritated skin.  It contains provitamin B5 which aims to soothe and hydrate the skin, rhamnose, which provides antibacterial properties and zinc oxide which offers a protective physical barrier over the skin surface.  Frodo gets really sore, itchy patches around his butt and lower limbs about twice a year.  We’ve never been able to work out what causes this but it must be something seasonal like air born pollen. The skin care gel was pretty impressive with taking away the irritation and healing the redness and soreness.  We would use this again.

Paw Balm

The paw balm moisturises and protects the sensitive areas on our feet and gives ideal protection from snow, hot roads and irritants like sand and salt.  Mum applied this to our paws as protection when the roads were being gritted during the winter.  We walked on the beach everyday so we are very used to sand but this would be handy for any doggies who are on a beach holiday!

Eye Cleaner

The eye cleaner is a neutral cleansing solution for removing stains and debris around your eye area.  We have tried this product and there were not any adverse reactions but being honest doggies we don’t really use it as we don’t have a problem with tear staining.

Ear Cleaner

Being spaniels keeping our ears nice and clean is really important as we are prone to infection.  Be gentle with all ear cleaning products and never poke anything like cotton wool buds into ears.  Just put a couple of drops in and then very gently wipe the outer area of the ear flap only with cotton wool balls. Use a different ball for each ear to avoid spreading infection. If ears are red, sore, smelly or you’re shaking your head from side to side ask the pawrents to take you to the vet for a check over.

Here’s our movie debut! Featuring Gizmo, Frodo, Pupstar, Will-i-am. What do you think about our acting…could we be up for an Oscar?

Woofs Gizmo – Barking Bugle Editor

Frontline products are available from all leading pet stores and Waitrose supermarkets.


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