Gizmo’s Scoop on Poo!

Barked By Gizmo | 10th April 2017

Gizmo’s Scoop on Poo!

Dog owners in the UK are the most responsible in the world when it comes to picking up our little necessities.  Recent research findings stated that Britain, followed by Spain and America, are the countries where dog owners are becoming more responsible about clearing up their pets’ mess as attitudes change. France were the worst offenders!

It really wasn’t all that long ago that cleaning up after your doggy was not considered a basic civil duty.  The idea for ‘picking up poo’ originated in the 70’s in New York and led the way for many other American states to introduce dog poop laws.  Initially many US politicians thought the idea was daft and animal rights’ activists were opposed. Even the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals stated, “It would impose undue hardship on dog owners.” However, it gradually started to be considered highly anti-social if you didn’t clean up after your pooch and in 1996 ‘poo picking’ laws were introduced in the UK.

Some of you may remember the 1970’s and 80’s when white dog poo littered the pavements.  The ‘white stuff’ was very dry, didn’t smell and would disappear quickly and most humans didn’t really find it offensive.  Today, the healthier ingredients in modern day commercial dog food means our poo is brown, soft and umm…a bit smelly –  a lot like humans! It doesn’t break down so quickly, hence it’s really important that your human cleans up after you and keeps public spaces nice and clean. Failure to do so could mean a fine of £1,000 under the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act.

My pawrents are responsible dog owners. They always pick up my poo and dispose of it in a bin, no matter how far they have to carry it to find one! (I often go in the furthest spot from a bin that’s possible!)

It’s therefore a bit disappointing when I spot a pile of poo that has not been picked up. Please do pick it up – if you’re walking when it’s dark, poo can be hard to find so take a torch with you. Please don’t give us good dogs a bad name!

There are 8.5 million dogs living in the UK (Source RSPCA 2015) and if doggy pawrents were not cleaning up after us…well, let’s just say the humans would be wearing wellies to walk the streets!  I truly believe that the overwhelming majority of humans are doing a great job in clearing after us all – so well done!

Woofs Gizmo

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