Gizmo’s shopping trip

Barked By Gizmo | 13th March 2017

Gizmo’s shopping trip

When I heard that I was the chosen one to attend Crufts this year I opened a chunk account at Barkleys and started saving straight away.  I had heard ‘tails’ from Frodo of endless aisles of shops selling treats, treats, and even more treats.  So with my pawket money in paw and an allowance from Frodo I hit the trade stands for some doggy retail therapy.  There were so many products and goodies to choose from but here are my pick of 10 that caught my attention!

Dicky Bag – personal hygiene

My pawrents are very responsible about picking up our little necessities but to make it fun for them we all go to the loo as far away from a bin as possible.  Hehehehe…our poor pawrents often have to carry our poo for ages before they find a bin so mum was pretty excited when she came across the Dicky Bag.  It’s a soft, zip top bag for storing dog waste in until such times as you can dispose of it in the bin.  There’s a separate compartment to store unused poo bags and it comes with an air freshner.  The bag is water proof and machine washable and there are clips and velcro so you can attach it to belts, rucksacks or even doggy strollers. We also bought their treat bag.

Poo-Guard – After poo spray

Continuing with the subject of poo how about this!  A spray which kills viruses and bacteria left behind on the ground after our pawrents have picked up our poo.  We’ve been informed that the spray protects humans from cross-infection and protects dogs from parvovirus.  It’s environmentally friendly and can be used everywhere. The product call Poo-Guard was launched at Crufts and is veterinary practitioner approved. Available to purchase from Amazon.

Travelling with Pets – Equipment for the out and about dog

As you  know we are big fans of dog strollers.  A lot of you have been asking us where you could find a stroller for a larger dog, well we have found the answer!  The Travelling with Pets – Comfort Wagon is an easy to push stroller which can also be attached to a bicycle. It can take up to a massive 75kg in weight and comes in medium or large width.  I also like their Pop Up Pet Shelter, handy for days out with the pawrents.

Chic Pet Boutique – Bespoke dog beds and matching pyjama sets

Us dogs can spend up to 80% of the day napping so a good bed is vital for our comfort! Cosy Chic Pet Boutique produce handmade solid wooden beds that can be bought off the shelf or you can custom design your own.  Beds come with cushions and pillows which again can be in your own design and embroidered with your name on. In fact they can do practically anything you would like including matching cushions and doggy pyjama sets. Pawsome!

Woof & Brew – Refreshments for dogs

So there I was in my stroller on my very best behaviour, smiling away for the cameras and what was my reward?  A doggy bar!  Yeah, I stumbled across my pals at Woof & Brew.  I’ve been enjoying their teas and ‘Bottom Sniffer’ doggy beer for a while now but I was totally blown away by the launch of their fine wine range –  Pawsecco, which comes in white and rose.  I’ve not got the best palate – what do you expect of a dog that eats horse poo? But I got a couple of bottles for Frodo who’s much posher than me; he even sniffs the stuff before gulping it back.

Rough and Tumble – Drying coats

There seemed to be dozens of stands selling drying coats for dogs.  We still love ours from ‘Rough and Tumble.’ They last for ages and the company is based in our home county of Norfolk. Here’s the BB boss, Frodo, modelling last year’s Crufts special edition:- 

Nina Ottosson Puzzles – games for dogs

We have a few doggy puzzles back at Cavalier Palace.  They are great fun and keep us amused no end.  We play with them on really wet days when we don’t want to get our feet wet. They can be used for training, behaviour issues and even to help with weight loss. These ones are from a company call Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzles and they have puzzles to suit all abilities.

Grippy Leads – The pawfect lead

We love Grippy Leads; in fact mum always goes on about them so enthusiastically you would think she has shares in the company.  Frodo got his grippy way back in 2014 when they were first launched and he is still wearing it everyday.  We’ve now all got grippies – mum wouldn’t have anything else.  It’s an innovative multi-loop lead and lasts forever.

A Dog’s Life – Boardgame

Something for the whole family – ‘A dog’s Life’. Walk a mile in their paws is a family board game for ages 6+ and 2-6 players. Humans have to figure out what dogs need:- a drink, wee, etc, bury 3 bones to win.  This is the 2nd edition which I can’t see on Amazon just yet but I’m sure it will be available shortly. Meanwhile  contact Beton Games

Jofli – Children’s educational toy

And finally something for the little humans – I absolutely loved Jofli who is a super cute teddy bear and educational toy.  Jofli comes with a journal for children to record details of their adventures in.  There is also an interactive website.  There is a Jofli teddy at the school my dad teaches at and each week a child has to take care of him and tell the rest of the class what they got up to.  Dad says it’s super fun and the children love talking about their adventures with Jofli to the Headmaster during assemblies. You can see that I’m a fan too! I think there really ought to be a Gizmo bear out there too on the market!

Well, that was my day spent shopping at Crufts. It was totally pawsome and I’m now broke! Sorry if I didn’t get to see your stand but hopefully I’ll be invited back  – See you next year!

Woofs Gizmo – BB Repawter barking from Crufts 2017

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