Huxley Hound – Better than Raw Dog Treats!

Barked By Gizmo | 30th September 2016

Huxley Hound – Better than Raw Dog Treats!

Paws up if you like treats! Yep me too!  Although I call anything a treat and that includes food mum drops on the floor by accident when cooking to searching the beach for dead fish, crabs and horse poo!  Yummy….or maybe not when I’ve got a sore tummy from eating something that’s not good for me!

We were therefore all rather excited when mum asked us to sample a new healthy raw treat that has just come on the market.

Huxley Hound ‘Better than Raw’ dog treats are the brainchild of dachshunds, Huxley and Rolo. Ok they have had a little help from their pawrents who believe in the product so much that they sold their home to finance the project.


So what’s new and different about these treats? Well Huxley tells us’ They are the  world’s first range of fully traceable organic vegetable treats for dogs.’  This  means that all the vegetables provided for the treats are planted, grown, harvested and prepared from organic suppliers and every packet of treats can be traced back to the exact location it was produced in.

Huxley and Rolo felt that lots of treats currently on the market have a high calorie content with little to no nutritional value.  So in the search for a healthy treat they worked with the Department of Biosciences at Nottingham University and independent researchers to develop a dehydration process that would unlock the essential nutrients of the raw vegetables.  The result is a treat with five times the goodness of a raw vegetable!

The range of treats  includes Broccoli, Carrot, Beetroot, Parsnip and Sweet Potato.  The treats come in some rather stylish packaging which is resealable  to keep the them nice and fresh (they keep  for up to 7 days once opened – if they last that long).

So for the important bit, the tasting.  We sampled Organic Carrot and Organic Beetroot.  Both were equally yummy! One particular thing mum noticed was that rather than swallowing them whole, like we usually do, we actually chewed them first!

Huxley Hounds ‘Better than Raw’ dog treats definitely got the paws up from us!


To find out more visit the Huxley Hound Website.  Their e-com shop will be open shortly to sell the snack packs and the full range will come online in full size packs as the autumn harvest comes in.

Woofs Gizmo

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