It’s a Guests’ Life!

Barked By Cocoa | 20th November 2016

It’s a Guests’ Life!

Hola, Cocoa here again reporting from Spain.

As you know, I am Spanish and I like to woof about being Spanish and what happens over here throughout the year.  One thing we do get a lot of is guests; they come in all shapes and sizes, some with paws and some with feet and depending on who is arriving they can send Mum into a bit of a tis, which normally results in her spending 3 days cleaning the house from top to bottom, although I don’t know why she bothers because Luca will only dirty it up again with his donkey size paws as quickly as you can say, ‘Where’s my ball?’

Nanny D and Grandad always come. Nanny D for some reason loves Luca and he is her favourite. I don’t quite know what I do wrong to be usurped of the favourite position but Nanny says I am a bit too yappy for her liking – yappy, me? I’m not yappy; someone’s yappy is another person’s enthusiasm!  I think she is just jealous because I speak Spanish and she doesn’t!

Next we have Uncle Jason, Auntie Jenna and Jessica. Jessica is my hooman cousin and seems to be the only hooman who appreciates my swimming pool.  Whenever I mention that we have a pool their eyes light up. I then take them out and proudly show them, for the light in their eyes to slowly diminish when they see the size of it.  Well, it’s big enough for me and Jess, what’s wrong with that?

My favourite visitor, who, for some reason Mum and Dad don’t appreciate and really don’t look forward to him arriving, is called Rocco. His Mum and Dad live in Spain too, but every year for 3 weeks they visit their family in Ozland and so he comes to us to stay.  Dad is not very chuffed about this as he says he is young, irresponsible, disobedient and doesn’t cope without his Dad being around.

When he first stayed with us Uncle Ernie bought Rocco’s own bed over with the parting words of, (bearing in mind it was February), “Just put it in front of the fire and he will settle on that and you won’t hear a peep out of him”.  Later, Mum said how very wrong that was because Rocco loves his Dad to death, so he has to be with him or insight of him at all times. Hence the first problem – Rocco couldn’t find his beloved Dad and started to look for him, pacing, moaning and whining as he went. Whilst scrapping at the back door he managed to open it; once opened,  he ran out, jumping the wall and running around the countryside in the dark, with me and Mum running frantically behind, trying to keep pace, with my Mum shouting hysterically for him to get back here now, but to no avail.  At one point Mum did manage to rugby tackle him to the ground after throwing herself heroically (or in my opinion rather stupidly) in his direction and by luck more than judgment, hung onto his collar and marched him back indoors.


Over the course of the remaining weeks Mum said a lot of his ‘little quirks’ came out.  He was supposed to sleep in his crate overnight, but the long and short of it was, Rocco howled for the entire 3 weeks of his stay, because he didn’t like being in his crate on his own. I didn’t get much sleep, nor did Luca and more importantly nor did Mum, who is very grumpy if she doesn’t get her 8 hours sleep every night.

Rocco developed a fun new game, which we all loved and it involved Scooby the Parrot. Rocco seemed to love throwing himself against the cage every time she moved, his weight moving the cage, unsettling Scooby and throwing her off her perch, but Mum and Dad didn’t think this was very funny and Scooby would always have the last word by chucking her food at us – want an empty monkey-nut shell?  Take that.  Fancy an empty sunflower seed?  Have that. It would have Luca and Rocco running around in a frenzy (obviously I am too clever to be led on by something as stupid as that)!

Mum seemed to get more excited as the sleeps went on and finally Uncle Ernie arrived home to collect Rocco and although I would miss him, mum didn’t seem too bothered and celebrated with the opening of a bottle of sherry, although come to think about it, she opened one most nights to get through the ordeal of having Rocco to stay in the first place!

Woofs Cocoa, the foreign news correspondent for the Barking Bugle, Tuffdogs Stuff and Cocoa & Luca’s handmade Dog Accessories.

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