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Following my visit to the National Pet Show at the NEC Birmingham, I am proud to announce that I have been appointed to save the world by none other than Channel 4 TV’s own Supervet.  Appearing at the Show, as part of his Eukanuba Supervet Live Tour, Professor Noel Fitzpatrick gave talks about his personal journey as a veterinary surgeon, recounting heart-warming success stories and highlighting advances in veterinary medicine and surgery.

Getting to meet him was no accident!  Earlier,  I was fortunate enough to secure an appointment with this amazing man, having cuddled up to one of his nurses, who very reluctantly gave me back to Mum, although not before introducing me to his entire nursing entourage, and the press officer who fixed the appointment for me.

Supervet 1

In due time, I arrived at the appointed place, and although surrounded by a crowd of people Professor Noel immediately recognised me and picked me up.  Oh it was love at first sight!  I just snuggled up with him and you could see from the look on his face that we had made a connection.

Supervet 2

We had a quiet chat for a few moments, and I was amazed at how quickly he understood my own version of ‘dog’ language.  Perhaps I shouldn’t have been surprised, given the wonderful work he has done with us canines over the years.

Well, before I knew what was happening, he turned around to face the crowd and without warning started repeating what I had said to him, that I Josef  was concerned for the planet and saw a great need to love each other and the world we live in.  Although I spoke through him for some time, this video clip encapsulates the absolute core of my message to the world.

As you can see, the crowd was delighted by my message.  After receiving the endorsement of The Supervet my first task today was to create a strategy to put the plan into action.   Consequently, I am asking all my readers, associates and friends, one dog at a time, to share the love you have with just one person or fellow pooch every day,   This may seem like a daunting task but with circa 9.2 million pet dogs in the UK and approximately 122 million dogs in USA, Canada and Europe alone, if we take our job seriously, the possibilities are endless and the world will be saved.

Inspired by The Supervet taking my aspirations seriously and broadcasting them to the world, I immediately sought individuals with whom to share my love.   Not many dogs are allowed into the Pet Show, for fear of upsetting other animals being exhibited there but as a journalist I was one of the chosen few, giving me freedom to find my first contact with whom to share the love.  Finally, I spied some small woofers on a stand called Devine and Devine they were!  I sniffed to check out their pedigree and found that although they were actually knitted woollen dogs they were great for practicing the art of loving the world.  Well, the mateirals used to make them came from one of God’s creatures!

Supervet 3

Love isn’t just about dog to dog encounters, and I can attest to the power of love after receiving the attention of many admirers and photographers.  Everyone wanted a piece of me, and I was delighted to allow friends and strangers alike to give me a pat or cuddle or two..

Supervet 4

Before leaving the show, I needed to make one more visit, this time for a photoshoot at the Natural Instinct stand.  As you may know, I am a brand ambassador the this Company, which produces ethically farmed high quality dog food.  Of course, I am putty in their hands, especially if there’s a cuddle in it for me, this time from a pretty girl, their nutritionist Bianca Boulton-Major.

Supervet 5

I’ve almost forgiven her for suggesting I could lose a pound or two and for asking if she could review my food order and adjust it to help achieve her aim for me.  Does she not understand that I am an acitve, all-muscle dog?

Altogether, my National Pet Show visit was amazing!  Never has so much been achieved by one dog for so many others in one day!  Don’t forget that the secret to a happy planet is LOVE.  And to lead by example, I love you all.

Josef Teckel, News Editor 

The next National Pet Show is on the 7/8th May 2016 at Excel, London. Visit their website for further information.

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  1. Val Hanna says:

    What a fantastic article!!!! I was blown away by the message and will try my best to promote it when I help Val at the fair’s, woof s Doozhal xxx

  2. Josef and Emma says:

    Thanks Doozhal. If I can help with that in any way, do let me know. I am thinking of other ways to promote the message, so watch this space! Woofs and love, Josef xxx

  3. Dear Josef you are a wonderful dog darling I know my two Border Terrieres would agree with everything you say. Right now Archie is having a sleepy talk with me ( it’s almost 4am) Poppy is fast asleep!!! They are wonderful at loving everyone especially little humans who love to pat and stroke them and we always ask them to ask Mummy first! We will spread the word definitely with lots of love Josef from Poppy and Archie and their Mum xxxxxxxxx

    1. Josef and Emma says:

      Hi Archie and Poppy. Sorry not to have acknowledged your response earlier. I’ve been caring for a really poorly doggy so that his Mum and Dad could go away on business. Sadly my lovely woofy friend died a couple of weeks ago, but not without receiving lots and lots of love from me and from Emma and Mum, and of course his own Mum and Dad.

      I am delighted that you are so loving to everyone you meet, as this is what it’s all about. The more we spread love, the happier we and the planet become. Keep up the good work. You are an absolute credit to the canine world. Thank you. Love Josef xxxx

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