King Charles duo queue to see Royal Family on Christmas Day

And just who were Prince Harry & Meghan Markle pointing at?

Barked By Pupstar | 27th December 2017

King Charles duo queue to see Royal Family on Christmas Day

On a chilly Christmas Day queues were gathering from 2am outside the gates of Sandringham Church to catch a glimpse of the Royal Family.  Amongst the crowd were two King Charles!

Yes, it was us intrepid repawters from The Barking Bugle, Gizmo and Pupstar. We  left warm beds and comfy duvets before the crack of dawn to repawt on the morning’s events. Our editor, Frodo, decided to stay at home as he didn’t want to upset Prince Charles…what with him still waiting to be a King Charles!

‘We’ve met the Royal family on several occasions,’ woofed Pupstar, ‘but this year the number of people attending was much higher than before due to two main reasons: firstly the Queen was present this year, unlike last Christmas when she was sadly unable to attend due to illness, and secondly Prince Harry’s fiancee, Meghan Markle, was making her first public appearance with the family. It was lovely to watch the royals walking to and from the church, and in particular see Prince Harry and Meghan smile and point at us. They looked very happy together.  It did appear that Meghan was being protected from too much public attention as they quickly walked all the way back to Sandringham House after the church service. In previous years the royals have stopped to linger and mingle with the crowds.

However, we were very pleased to get back home and see that we got a mention on Sky news later that evening. We also heard from many of our canine friends across the globe and were amazed to discover that we were seen on Australian and Spainish TV.’

Our Wobbly video

We wish all of you out there a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Woofs Gizmo and Pupstar


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2 thoughts on “King Charles duo queue to see Royal Family on Christmas Day”

  1. Bobby Hoyle says:

    Superb repawting, Gizmo and Pupstar – wish we could receive Sky News here! Pawsome – snow-bound woofs from Digger and Gabyn 🐕❄🐕❄👏👏

  2. Nia Zimmer says:

    Our Pawrents turned on the tele for us to see you on the Entertainment Channel. We were very excited to see that your wait was properly acknowledged by Prince Harry and Megan. WELL DONE Friends! From your pals in ERIE, PA USA KODY DAWG and MAJOR.

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