Lending a Paw to help the Environment! 

Please can you help me spread the woof about an amazing scheme called Refill Hunstanton!

Barked By Frodo | 9th September 2017

Lending a Paw to help the Environment! 

I am a very lucky dog –  I get to walk on the beach nearly everyday!  I love nothing more than a dip in the sea and a romp in the sand dunes.  But I’ve noticed though that there is a lot more rubbish on the beach these days, much more than when I was a pup.  Lots of the rubbish is made from plastic, namely plastic water bottles.  What was happening and where were all these plastic bottles coming from? I decided to investigate.

Using my amazing K9 computer skills I had a hunt around on the internet and I found out some shocking facts.  Humans don’t like to drink out of puddles! They don’t even like drinking perfectly safe water from the tap; instead they purchase bottled drinking water. Now that just sounds a daft waste of money to me but what is really alarming is the fact that the bottles the water comes in are only used once!  This means that 60 million single-use plastic bottles are being dumped every day…yes, every day, that makes 22 billion a year! Some of these bottles are going into landfill but many are making their way into the sea, rivers and oceans.  Eeeek!  The other thing I discovered was that whilst humans are always going on about us picking up our poo, they don’t seem to be too bothered about picking up their own droppings!  Hence many humans think it is OK to leave all their rubbish and plastic bottles wherever they like….including on My beach!

Was there anything that could be done to stop all this nasty pollution!  It was back to the internet which is how I heard about a scheme called Refill.  Refill  was set up in Bristol in 2015 by a human called Natalie Fee who is the founder of City to Sea. It’s a national, practical tap water campaign that aims to make refilling a water bottle as easy, convenient and cheap as possible by introducing refill stations. Environmentally friendly cafes, shops, hotels and businesses allow humans  to refill their water bottle – for free!   This  helps to cut back on the volume of plastic water bottles purchased, so reduces the amount  going into landfill,  seas, rivers and waterways and reduces the amount of plastic bottles just dumped anywhere and everywhere.

This was something that would definitely help cut down the plastic water bottles left lying around on my beach so mum approached the Hunstanton Town Council – and they loved it!  So between HTC, mum, mum’s mates, and City to Sea (with of course help from yours truly) they got the scheme up and running in June this year.

This scheme is totally wooftastic; not only can you and your humans help keep our beaches nice and clean, you’ll be making a contribution to saving the planet from environmental pollution and you’ll be helping our fellow marine pals who sadly eat plastic and then die. Other benefits include your human saving money (more spare cash to spend on sensible things like dogs’ toys and treats). There is no need to get dehydrated as your human can just pop into a participating refill station, and the pawrents don’t have to carry tons of water with them so you  can have a drink.

To find participating refill stations in Hunstanton and all of the UK,  just look for the blue stickers/posters in the windows of participating businesses or better still download the Free app which is available from Google Play and the app store. This will tell you where all the Refill stations in the UK are.  Each time you refill you can also earn reward points – Pawesome!

Refill stations in Hunstanton & District include

(DF – Dog friendly indoors)

Alive Oasis Cafe  – The Promenade

Sea Life Sanctuary – The Promenade

Hunstanton Sailing Club – The Promenade

TJ’s – High St  (DF)

Copper Kettle – High St

Mr Bun The Baker – High St

Legge’s cafe – High St

Costa Coffee – High St

Hunstanton Tourist Information Centre – The Green  (DF)

The Golden Lion Hotel – The Green  (DF)

Tamworth Tea Rooms – The Green

The Norfolk Deli – Greevegate

Community Shop – Westgate

Wash N Tope Hotel – Le Strange Terrace  (DF)

The Coffee Pot – L’Estrange Terrace   (DF)

Big G’s – Southend Road (DF)

Vegas Fish Bar – South Beach Road

The Old Boat House Cafe – Old Hunstanton  (DF)

The Ancient Mariner Inn – Old Hunstanton (DF)

The Granary – Snettisham (DF)

Bank House Bistro – Snettisham

The King William – Sedgeford (DF)

The Visitor Centre Cafe – Sandringham

The Norfolk Wildlife Trust Cafè – Holme

RSPB Cafe – Titchwell

Here’s a short film which makes it all clear!


Some of you may have seen the Refill Christmas at the Hunstanton Christmas Tree Festival which was made of plastic bottles and litter collected from Hunstanton Beach by our pals Jack, Betty, Clive and their pawrents.  The tree had a tremendous impact on the humans and really got them thinking – it also went on to win ‘Best Adult Tree’.

The Refill Team in Hunstanton have lots of exciting things planned for 2018 including beach cleans and talks.  There will also be a showing of the pawesome film, “A Plastic Ocean”, at Thornham on the 16th March 2018.

Meanwhile please can you help us out by telling all your friends and family about the Refill scheme and asking them to download the app.  There are more and more towns and cities setting up refill stations in the UK so there should be one near you!  Let’s work together to help protect the environment and all our friends, furry and otherwise!

Thanks for your help.  Your feedback on this would be pawesome..so please do comment in the box below.  Woofs Frodo Cavalier – Editor of the Barking Bugle

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