My dad – proud to push!

Barked By Frodo | 1st February 2017

My dad – proud to push!

Dad’s been a bit of a hero!  I know I said he was rubbish for messing up my interview on C4 but now I take it all back!

He was brilliant during our recent holiday to Dorset, pushing cousin Will-I-Am and myself around in our stroller when we got too tired to walk.

My family purchased their first doggy stroller many years ago and since then dad has pushed the family dogs on all their holidays from John O’Groats to Lands End. He has proudly pushed doggy family members up hills, down dales, across streams, along cliff paths, rutted bumpy ground, lugged it up 100s of steps and even part of the way up Ben Nevis…just so no-one missed out on the fun!


A doggy stroller is a must have in our house.  The first K9 mobility assistance unit arrived some 20 years ago. It was basically a children’s pushchair that mumzie picked up in a charity shop.  Shortly after this they bought an actual dog stroller.  It was an early prototype which was a small cart with handles that were very short and gave the pawrents backache, so it wasn’t used much.

It was around 11 years ago that mumzie purchased an all-American off road stroller with large wheels, complete with cup holder and basket for treats and water. Ideal for an adventurous family like us.  Since then we have boldly gone where no doggy stroller has gone before!


We’ve had some odd looks, some double takes and even comments such as ‘Are they mental?’ but overall we are greeted  with good humour, a smile and a ‘Where can we get one of those?’

We’ve used the stroller for young dogs, old dogs and sick dogs.  I can walk around 5 miles but I do get tired after that and need a rest.  My cousin Will-I-Am, who joined us on our holiday, has elbow dysplasyia so his exercise is limited.  If we didn’t have the stroller he would  have to stay  at home.


The original stroller from 11 years ago is still going strong, like a  good landrover.  I’ve also got a red one now, which I call my Ferrari.  I keep this one nice and clean and use it at doggy shows when I am repawting.  Shows like Crufts are very busy and I could easily get trampled on so it helps to keep me safe and stress free! Mumzie has also rather cleverly adapted my Ferrari  to give me some shade on sunny days.

frodo in stroller

I have heard that some doggies have been upset by silly humans who think they are in a stroller because they are being treated like babies or just spoilt.  Just ignore them; our welfare is much more important!Dog-Stroller-dorset


So thank you dad for being proud to push!

Woofs Frodo

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4 thoughts on “My dad – proud to push!”

  1. Well done, Dad! You certainly are a hero. Those strollers have allowed your pack to go where and how no four dogs have boldly gone before. My friend, you are a man’s man!

    As you know, after sustaining an injury each, we had to have a stroller. No longer needed for injuries, it still helps us get round busy places where we could be be trodden on……. and into some shops, even a cathedral, where dogs are not normally allowed.

  2. olive ramshaw says:

    nobody need be ashamed as brillant,not seen collie sized but then they very really need as got longer legs ,the dogs enjoying it,many dogs would die for it.enjoy your travels and see you later in the month

  3. Elaine Brooks says:

    What a wonderful article! I used a stroller when my late Cavalier, Alfie, became too arthritic and old to walk far. I used to push him to his favourite places so that he could have a little walk and a sniff around. He used to love the whole procedure. I did have a few funny looks from people who expected me to have a grandchild in the pushchair but I smiled and marched on!! Elaine.

    1. Hi Elaine,
      Thanks for your nice comments. Woofs Frodo xxx

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