My friend Lucy

Barked By Frodo | 8th December 2016

My friend Lucy

I’m really really sad. My dear friend Lucy has crossed over to the Bridge after becoming unwell only a few days ago.  Lucy was a very special girl and overcame so much adversity in her life.  I would like to share a little of Lucy’s story with you and some of my memories;-


I first met Lucy at Crufts 2 years ago and we had a bit of a woof and this is what she told me:- ‘I used to be a puppy farm breeding dog. I lived the most dreadful life. I was not loved, no one wanted to cuddle me, I had no one to play with, no warm cosy basket at night, and no walks or treats. I was just a commodity to produce puppies for an unscrupulous breeder!’

Luckily for Lucy a lovely lady called Lisa Garner adopted her. She had seen Lucy on a rescue centre’s website and heard that she was always cold. Lisa runs a doggy boutique and sent Lucy some clothes and enquired about the adoption process. When Lisa came to meet Lucy she was really upset to find she was skin and bone, weighing only 3.5kg. She had bald patches on her fur and her feet were stained from being kept on a urine covered floor. She had fused hips and a severely arched back, the result of being kept in appalling conditions. Lisa just knew she had to be part of her family and decided to adopt her, be her new mum and offer her a loving home.


After that Lucy’s life totally changed. She had a mum who loved her and found that everyone she met fell in love with her as well. She had a lovely bed to sleep in, doggy pals to play with, endless cuddles and what she needed most of all, Love!

Lucy became rather famous! With a fb page of over 66,000 fans – Wow! – and she went on to win Britain’s Most Heroic Dog Award, Ruff, the RSPCA award, and the Rescue Dog award at the Animal Hero Awards 2016.


But Lucy was not all about accolades.  She became  an ambassador for campaigns against puppy farming. Because she felt NO dog should ever have to suffer like she did!  Lucy and her mum worked tirelessly to spread the message about Puppy Farming and help to raise funds for C.A.R.I.A.D and Pup Aid, and to encourage humans to adopt a rescue dog. Lucy and her family also produced an annual calendar with the proceeds going to PupAid and Many Tears Animal Rescue amongst other charities.

Lucy also attended many events across the county where she met new people to whom she spread the word about the evil puppy farm trade.


To keep her strength up whilst campaigning Lucy would take occasional power-naps and a slice of dog friendly cake was always welcome.


We are all absolutely devastated by the passing of Lucy and I don’t really think it has sunk in yet. She was so very special and will be missed by so many from all corners of the globe. Lucy leaves behind an amazing legacy, a real hero!


Thinking of Lucy’s mum, sisters and family who are all totally heartbroken. Run free at The Bridge dearest Lucy, we won’t forget you.

Love Frodo xxx

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18 thoughts on “My friend Lucy”

  1. Margaret Wade says:

    A lovely tribute to lucy….she made such a impact on everyone xx

  2. Sonia Gilbert says:

    Lucy has touched hearts all over the world. I live in Australia and when I wake up the first thing I do every morning is go onto Facebook to see what Lucy and her sister have been up to.
    I hope Lisa takes some comfort in knowing that she gave Lucy all the love she deserved.

  3. Carol Bulmer says:

    God bless you Lisa, you and Lucy fought so hard. My heart breaks for you. Run free sweet heart, you were on special little girl, and heaven has gained a preciuos angel. Lots of love from me, Bonnie and Summer xxxx

  4. Bobby Hoyle says:

    Frodo – a very beautiful and fitting tribute to Lucy without whom the message about the cruelty of puppy farming would never have reached so many people around the world. Our thoughts are with Lisa and our prayers as well. Love Bobby and Gabyn xxxx

  5. Avril Commander says:

    What a beautiful piece you have written. I have so enjoyed following Lucy’s page and the effort that Lisa Garner has put in to highlight the abhorrent nature of puppy farming is second to none. Lucy will be sadly missed but she will not be forgotten.

  6. Sarah says:

    Lovely tribute to an amazing girl who has touched so many lives and with the help of her mum Lisa spread the word of how horrific dogs were treated in puppy farms and to make people adopt rescues rather than buy a puppy.
    Run free at Rainbow Bridge Lucy, 2016 has taken another legend from us. My thoughts are with your mum, fur sisters and family at this hard time x

  7. Sharron says:

    Beautifully written. So glad I could share it. I’ve been so vocal about puppy farms. Lucy will continue to tell her story through us. She lives on in so many hearts 💖

  8. Max says:

    Your legacy will grow, and passion will spread. Amazing Lucy we will miss you.

  9. Linda Clark says:

    Ftodo, what a wonderful tribute to Lucy. It is certainly a sad day knowing Lucy is no longer with us.
    We, along with our cavaliers, Maisie and Sophie met you and your mommy and daddy, this year, at the National Pet Show at the NEC.
    Lucy will be missed very much but she will not be forgotten. Our thoughts are very much with Lisa, her mommy, at this sad time. xx

  10. Deb says:

    Wonderful, eloquent tribute. I am lost for words and numb right now. Glad you have told her plight and how so many of us feel. Sleeping with my Lucy band on tonight to keep her physically close to my heart xx

  11. June Baker says:

    You earned your wonderful later life. Loved by thousands. You brought to the forefront the awful Puppy Farming which will continue now you are over the rainbow bridge. God bless you wonderful dog.

  12. Jean Brimm says:

    What a lovely tribute brought tears to my eyes we must carry on the good work cruelty of puppy farming Lucy will be sadly missed. My thoughts are with Lisa and Lucy sisters. xx Jean.

  13. Decleva Tiziana says:

    Cara Lucy, ti ho amata dal primo momento, le tue sofferenze non devono essere vane, accarezzo la tua mamma con affetto. ❤

  14. Heather Matthews says:

    My heart is breaking for you all. Lucy was such a special little dog who brought so much joy into everyones lives. Run free over Rainbow Bridge little one, you will always be loved and missed xxx

  15. Colette Nangle says:

    I write this in tears with my Poppy snuggled beside me. Cavaliers are beautiful dogs. Lucy was truly extra special and brought so much love and giggles into our life each day. Over breakfast we always checked to see what Lucy and her sisters were up to. A beautiful tribute to Lucy thank you.

    Colette & Poppy

  16. Bertha says:

    I was so sad when I heard the news about Lucy’s death. She also was in Holland a leading lady for all the dogs here who were rescued from puppy mills. Dear Lucy play happy and free behind the rainbow bridge and never forget all the people who love you. Just like we will never forget you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. Barbara says:

    Aww, sweet Lucy. You’ll be missed! 8-(

  18. Peta says:

    Lucy was a truly special little lady. I’m from Australia & she certainly stole our heart here. Run free little princess. You will be missed terribly

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