Early mornings, wobbly photos and barking at the Supervet!

Barked By Pupstar | 9th November 2017


One day last week Frodo and Gizmo arranged to have a game of golf and over a few drinks at the 19th hole (in Gizmo’s case THREE whole bottles of Pawsecco and a couple of cans of Carlsbark!) they decided that it was about time I was given a chance to do some on location repawting. So they agreed to send me to to the annual National Pet Show at the NEC in Birmingham.

Woopee – at last! Could this be the moment I had been waiting for all my life?  My chance to shine!  Ummm…..maybe not!

First of all I didn’t realise that it meant I had to get up very early with my pawrents on a cold, wet Saturday morning. After a very long and tedious journey I arrived at the NEC tired, wet, unfed and very grumpy.  Immediately I had to get to work as it transpired that Noel Fitzpatrick was opening the Show by leading a parade of little humans and animals from the entrance to ‘Noel’s Arc’ in the centre of the Hall.  I managed to position myself to get the pawfect shot but struggled to hold the video camera and press all the buttons and knobs at the same time.  Eeeek.  Here is my very wobbly attempt to capture the big moment!

Hi, it’s me, Pupstar repawting from The National Pet Show at The NEC. Here’s my very wobbly film of Noel Fitzpatrick opening the show. Some wobbly photos to follow. It’s all very exciting! Woofs Pupstar x

Posted by The Barking Bugle on Saturday, 4 November 2017


After this I managed to get into one of the group pictures but as you can see I was still looking fed up and rather disgruntled. However, it was lovely to hear Noel comment on how important us animals are to you humans and it was clear he was very passionate about all animals. And it wasn’t just about us dogs you know!  There were several other sections including areas for cats, livestock, donkeys and reptiles.  Needless to say I steered clear of all those snakes and creepy crawlies because I am quite a scaredy cat, or should I say dog, in reality!!!

As the day wore on I soon perked up as I began receiving lots of cuddles and fuss from many of the delightfully friendly humans there. I was also given lots of treats and several compliments. This gave me the much needed confidence to do my job properly and I began to do some serious repawting from the comfort of Frodo’s turbo charged doggie stroller.

After having a good look round at all the various stands and chatting to many of the hard-working humans there, I thought it would be a good idea to do some blogging in the quiet and comfort of the Press Office. Unfortunately the room was a little too busy to work in so I decided to head for the Green Room which was empty. As I was pawing away at my laptop guess who suddenly arrived – it was none other than the man himself – Noel Fitzpatrick! Now I was taken by surprise and I must admit I rather disgraced myself. I jumped down from my stroller and woofed and woofed at Noel, so much so that he did an about turn and swiftly legged it! As I was calming down a lady from the Press Office came in and asked why I was in the Green Room in the first place. Well, I had to admit I was in the wrong place and immediately left shame-faced.  I do apologise, Noel, I didn’t mean it, honestly! I now knew that there was absolutely NO chance of a selfie with the famous vet after that incident!

Anyway, not to be deterred I set out in the afternoon determined to make amends for my appalling behaviour – this seems to be spreading amongst the Bugle repawters!!! I spoke to more lovely humans selling all kinds of doggie related things and took several wobbly photos, most of which did not come out as I found the camera a bit tricky to operate with paws.  So when I bumped into TV presenter Michaela Strachan I handed the camera to mum to take a selfie. Michaela was hosting the ‘Super Dogs Live Show’, and really loves dogs – she once spent the night in a dog kennel for charity.  Pawesome!

Later on in the day I caught up with Plum Pudding and mum Lisa.  I’d heard a lot about Plum Pudding from Gizmo and Frodo so it was fab for me to finally get to meet her. She was at the event carrying on the legacy of ‘Lucy the Rescue Cavalier’, raising awareness of the cruel practice of puppy farming. Amazing!

I had a really wooftastic day out at The National Pet Show and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I feel the more responsibility and the more experience I get the better I will be at my job. Although Frodo and Gizmo were not that impressed with my lack of photos or blogging skills they both said that they would give me another chance to redeem myself next year at a big event. So until then watch this space!

Woofs Pupstar – Events and Entertainment Editor

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