Never a dull moment

Barked By Guest Barker | 15th November 2016

Never a dull moment

Humphrey and Winston are two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels who, after weeks of preparation, have finally launched their one and only publication. Entitled, ‘Never a dull moment’, it expresses the humorous trials and traumas of these two cute pups and their often despairing parents.

Humphrey is a 7 year old Blenheim and is pretty cool about most stuff. He loves cuddles and eating, but isn’t too bothered about toys and games. Winston is a 4 year old Tri-colour who is nervous and jittery about almost everything in life. He also loves company to the extent that he gets nicknamed ‘velcro’ because he thinks being a foot away from human company is just too far.

It is these two characteristics of Winston that has led to most of the escapades featured in their book. These range from falling into rivers and having to be fished out, through to getting hopelessly lost on long walks, to being chased through hotel grounds by a cast iron patio chair.


Humphrey and Winston between them have a following of many thousands on social media. For a while now, friends have been urging them to write a book containing their best stories and fun illustrations for which Winston has developed quite a reputation. So here it is, priced at £9.99 plus p&p. Each book sale should raise about £5 for ‘Cavalier Matters’, a charity dedicated to researching some of the health problems which affect this breed.

For details on how to place an order, please email silly Dad at

Woofs Humphrey & Winston

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8 thoughts on “Never a dull moment”

  1. Fred Eickemeyer says:

    We have one Cav left. Our little tri man had to be put down due to a serious heart condition 2 months ago. He was 8. Our girl is also 8 and is a Black and Tan and has a clean bill of health. They are the best companions ever and I wish you every success in raising funds for the research into making them a healthy breed. 🙂

  2. Sarah Edwards says:

    Great idea ! I have a two and calf year old male
    Blenhiem cavvie who’s a real joy and cheeky monkey . Please could let me know how to order a copy ? Thanks Sarah

    1. Amanda Knight says:

      Hi Sarah, just contact the boys at the email address supplied. Woofs Frodo – Barking Bugle Editor

  3. Rupert's Fund Nicki (Hughes) says:

    Thank you so much for writing your book and kindly donating to the amazing Cavalier Matters charity. Tommy Cavalier (aged 7 1/2, whom sadly suffers with CM/SM Syringomyelia) and the Shih TZOO are looking forward to their copy for their bedtime story 🙂

  4. Nanukchen & mom says:

    Hi there from Germany. Frodo do you know if the boys ship to Germany?

    1. Amanda Knight says:

      Yes they have shipped the book all over the world. Woofs Frodo xx

  5. Ashley Adams says:

    I Met Beverley in San Francisco .CA she knows Winston and referred me to this book. We met at the Veterinary and I have a 2 year old Tri and his name is Winston.

    1. Amanda Knight says:

      Oh WOW! How fab! Nice to meet you Ashley. Woofs Frodo – Editor xxxx

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