Poppy’s Pick of The Pubs

Barked By Poppy | 8th July 2017

Poppy’s Pick of The Pubs

Hi everyone,

My name is Poppy and I am a Maltese Terrier who lives in the Norwich area. I’ve been repawting for The Barking Bugle since joining the team at 4 months old in 2016.  I’ve been out and about with my Mummy visiting dog friendly places on my patch and have developed a taste for wine and pub cooked food (have you tasted my Mummy’s cooking?) and recently real ale.  I like to bark about the pubs I’ve visited and I hope my opinion will help you to convince your human to take you there.

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The King’s Head, Station Rd, Hoveton, Norwich NR12 8UR

The King’s Head is a nice dog friendly pub on the river in Wroxham.  Inside, I was allowed in the bar area where Mummy and her friend had a lovely lunch.  There was a water bowl at the entrance for me and a treat.  We were there when England were playing in the Euros so it was a little noisy as the pub were showing the match on a large television screen. We sat in a corner and I made sure I was out of the way.  There’s a garden outside for those dogs that like the feel of the grass under their paws.

The Red Lion, Bishopgate, Norwich, NR1 4AA

My Mum has used this pub for the last few years, first with my big sister and now with me.  My first visit was at 12 weeks old and I was welcomed with open arms.  I’m allowed everywhere in the pub and there are two gardens outside, one paved by the river and one grassed, both of which I was granted access to.  My Mum loves the food there and apparently the Sunday roast is lovely – I’ve yet to go to experience that!  However, Mum tells me that there’s one part of the bar where they keep the food which I’m not allowed to enter on a Sunday.

The Longe Arms, 1 Crostwick Lane, Spixworth, NR10 3PE

My Mum regularly goes to this pub in the evening for their quizes and now I’ve started going as well.  Apparently my big sister was a regular here as well. They have a dog who is a little too large and enthusiastic for me at the moment, so I just stayed on the comfy bench and ignored her and had a lovely sleep.  I’m allowed everywhere in the pub and they have a nice garden for quiz interval walks.  Loads of people made a fuss of me.

The Whalebone Freehouse, 144 Magdalen Road, Norwich, NR3 4BA

We went here on Friday night when they had a BBQ on.  They have a big black lab who said hello to me and then ignored me.  I’m allowed in the whole bar and loads of people made a fuss of me.  Mum had a burger which she made lots of nice noises about, and I had a very small piece of chicken wing.

The Earlham Arms, 41 Earlham Rd, Norwich NR2 3AD

This is a very dog friendly pub on the outskirts of Norwich.  I was allowed in the whole bar area which has wooden floors. I was less worried about having an accident than I am on a carpet.  There’s a garden outside where you can eat and drink if you want and even a dog bin for your human to use when clearing up after you.  Mummy really liked the wood sculpture in the garden.  Inside there were a variety of different chairs for my Mummy to pick from, including a sofa.  There was a very wide menu include tapas and a good selection of wine.  Mummy had a sandwich which she made a lot of good noises about.  Mummy couldn’t see a water bowl, but there was no problem getting the bar to top up mine that Mummy had brought with her.

The River Gardens, 36 Yarmouth Road, Norwich, NR7 0EQ

I went to this pub with my Mum when they had a doggie day on, so normal human food wasn’t available, although there was a BBQ going.  Mummy had a look at the menu and said that it had a small, but good looking restaurant priced menu, but no bar snacks. On normal days, I allowed in the garden which is very nice and has river footage where you can sit and watch the boats and rowers as well as in the bar area where humans can eat.  But I’m never allowed in the restaurant area. Mummy said she didn’t mind as there were comfy chairs in the bar area and there were even games that people could play whilst drinking.

The Duke of Wellington (The Iron Duke), 91-93 Waterloo Rd, Norwich NR13 1EG

This pub is in a residential area of north Norwich and parking can be difficult.  The outside area is paved and at the front of the pub by the road.  We go here for their quizzes.  I’ve never had any problems with being anywhere in this pub and love it when we get the “snug” where there are two comfy sofas.  Mummy puts her coat on the sofa next to her and I fall asleep.  Everyone makes a fuss of me.

Sole and Heel, 2 Salhouse Rd, Rackheath, Norwich NR13 6QH

I’ve only been to this pub once so far, but Mummy fully intends to return to try the food as apparently the menu looked very appealing.  There’s a nice large car park, and a garden area which I was told I could run around in if I wanted.  I’m not allowed in the whole of the pub, but if Mummy wanted to eat there and take me, apparently it wouldn’t be a problem.  The area is carpeted and has normal pub seating.

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5 thoughts on “Poppy’s Pick of The Pubs”

  1. Denise,Martin and Misty says:

    Hi, this is Misty here I sat under the table while my mum made a fuss
    of Poppy at the River Garden in Norwich.It was quite good but having a
    black coat it was a bit to hot for me but I think the humans had a great afternoon.

    1. Amanda Knight says:

      Hi Misty, I hope your keeping cool today, phew its hot – Woofs Frodo x

  2. Poppy says:

    Hello Misty, it was hot wasn’t it, but I hope you have a good a day as I did. Snuffles Poppy.

  3. Karljokat@gmail.com says:

    The sir garnet Wolsey next the Norwich market place is doggy friendly. Nice food for my master and I get treats.
    Wesley the springer

  4. D"BUSK says:

    The Dove in Poringland is a favourite pub of my mummy”s and it is very dog friendly. We go there a lot for their Carvery and Roger the owner always give my mum some beef for me as she don”t eat it.

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