Reiki for Dogs! Find your inner woof!

Barked By Gizmo | 14th June 2016

Reiki for Dogs!  Find your inner woof!

Hi there – my name’s Tig. I’m a handsome Labrador Collie cross and I have an exceptionally waggy tail and a joyful attitude to life.  My hobbies are going on extremely long walks with my pack, (I particularly like the beach at Wells next Sea) agility and flyball, which I am pretty good at even if I do say so myself; oh yes and being groomed and generally pampered!

I want to tell you about Tina, my special human someone, she completely adores me………….. Tina is an Animal Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, who is based in North Norfolk.  She travels locally to see doggy clients in their own homes and teaches Animal Reiki Classes too so your human can learn Reiki to share with you.   Tina has many doggy clients, some of whom are rescue dogs, who are now in loving homes and Reiki supports them in adjusting to their new home and life.  Reiki is beneficial for senior dogs as it helps with the aches and pains and other changes that come with age.

Reiki is a gentle non-invasive complementary therapy, said to use the natural energy flow for health and well-being but I simply find it very relaxing indeed and often go to sleep during a treatment – apparently I snore!   Tina says it also helps to deepen the bond between dog and human when they connect in this peaceful and compassionate space.  Reiki is a complementary therapy and works well alongside Veterinary care and also helps with behavioural issues. Your human needs to ask your vet’s permission before a Reiki treatment.

Tina also volunteers distance Reiki for UK German Shepherd Rescue Angels and Nelson, my blind German Shepherd brother was adopted through them.  They do fantastic work for German Shepherds countrywide. They are my third favourite breed by the way. 

If you would like to find out more about Reiki for Animals or are interested in attending a class, please contact or take a look at our website

Woofs TIG xx

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