Santa Paws the Espanol way

Barked By Cocoa | 15th December 2016

Santa Paws the Espanol way

As you know I am Spanish and Christmas over here is celebrated slightly different to the UK. For one, there isn’t as much hype or hysteria over how many shopping days are left until the big day or shops starting to sell their Christmas wares in October.  Mum says it’s very refreshing and she says she doesn’t stress over it as much as she used to.

The Spanish also don’t celebrate the 25th December as much as the English do; their big day is the 6th January, which is called Three Kings Day, the idea behind it being to celebrate the three wise men bringing their presents to baby Jesus, not his actual birth.  They will have a large family meal on Christmas Eve, take Christmas Day as a holiday and then be back to work on the 26th. Boxing Day doesn’t exist for them and they don’t exchange presents on the 25th; they will do this on the 6th January with a very large fiesta (a big party to me and you!)

Which brings me to my problem – although Mum loves the lower key build up to Christmas, Mum and Dad are still English through and through and still love to celebrate on the 25th by cooking a big meal at lunchtime (too much to eat in one sitting, Mum’s words), watching crap  on TV (Dad’s words), drinking far too much sherry (doesn’t normally stop Mum) and exchanging presents.

So we get our presents on the 25th and I really don’t want to appear ungrateful, as our pressies are always lovely and we have such a fun time opening them, providing we can keep Spike at bay because he does have a bad habit of thinking everything is for him and barging everybody out of the way to grab the next present. I know you should respect your elders but some days Spike really does remind me of a grumpy old man, saying and doing what he likes without a second thought!

But then the 6th January rolls around and all my Spanish friends are getting presents, showing them off and I feel a bit left out.  I am Spanish – the three Kings’ celebration is part of my culture and I feel I would like to celebrate that too with the odd present ripping.  But we don’t. By then all the colourful decorations are down and packed away in their boxes, the food is all eaten and Spike has ripped all his toys including ours to pieces.


So I asked Mum why we couldn’t be a multiculture family and celebrate with present opening on both days; surely Santa Paws wasn’t too busy to stop quickly at ours both nights? But Mum’s rather quick answer to that was ‘No. Cocoa money doesn’t grow on trees and you are not going to get two lots of presents, so don’t even think about it!’  This has got me really confused – I know money doesn’t grow on trees, I am not stupid, but I thought the presents came from Santa Paws?  Mum and Dad don’t buy them, Mr Paws does and surely he wouldn’t mind making an exception for me so I can maintain my natural paw heritage?  It’s very important to me, plus I have my eye on a new coat which I would look fab in and I could do with a new ball. Oh, and there’s that new frisbee that I want to try out …………

But when I mention this to Mum, she starts to talk very quickly and tries to change the subject, which normally means she has just said something she shouldn’t have.  Why would talking about Santa Paws make her nervous?  I am wondering if Mr Paws does buy our presents after all, which then begs the question what does he really do, and now I come to think about it, how does he squeeze his little fat furry paws and waggy tail down our very slim chimney flue?

So Barking Bugle readers, I need reassurance that he does really exist. Has anybody seen the elusive Mr Paws?  Has he eaten all the pies at your house, or if not, who does if you don’t have a Luca in your household?  I am now slightly worried so if anybody can help me with this rather big question please contact me in the usual way i.e. either my paw book page, The Barking Bugle or Tuffdogs Stuff website, that way I will sleep soundly at night again!

Woofs Cocoa, foreign news correspondent, repawting for The Barking Bugle, Tuffdogs Stuff and Cocoa & Luca handmade dog accessories.

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  1. Denise Bolton says:

    Hi my name misty seasons greetings to the team & all dogs every where .My mum & dad says they hope that organizer’s of dog shows would make sure that the grass is cut short and cleared as it is very uncomfortable for us dogs having to try to look our best when walking on dried thistles or long grass 3 woofs for a happy year 🐶🐶🐾

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