Barked By Josef | 11th May 2015


The Barking Bugle can exclusively report that its Editor, Frodo Cavalier, and News Editor Josef Teckel have been exposed sleeping while on duty at the East Anglian Game and Country Fair.  The pair, in their respecitve strollers (yes, strollers) took off to find a quiet spot to get their secret 40 winks.

Editor, Frodo, was first to drop off, utilising the luxury of his PA’s arm as a pillow.  When challenged, Frodo said, “It had been a long day.  We left home early and walked miles around the show ground.  A man of my age has to pace himself, and needs a dog nap every now.  I bear no shame and am only sorry that your sources have suggested my action shows disprespect for our readers.  Nothing could be further from the truth.”


Shortly afterwards, our News Editor, Josef Teckel was also caught in a quiet corner napping!  When challenged, he commented, “This was my second day here, with early morning starts, and long journeys each way, so please don’t criticise me for napping.  I walked my paws off for hours unitl my little pads could take no more, so needed a snooze to restore my energy.”

members tent

Further revelations expose Editor Frodo hiding away in the Members Marquee for a pina colada or two, observers suggesting that this was the reason for his later lethargy. Rumour has it that Josef was also present. However, worse was to come when both editors were found secretly having a full body massage with Hands4Hounds.


Barking Bugle Managing Director, whoever that is, has issued verbal warnings to both dogs, and has counselled them to be more discreet in future if tempted to repeat the exercise (or lack of it).

In their favour both editors had worked well earlier, Josef speaking with the owner of Ices Pet Locker, a relatively new company selling all sorts of doggy things, including food, treats and toiletries made from only natural ingredients. Josef refused one of their anti-gorge bowls but persuaded his Mum to buy him two rice bones.  Yum!  The lovely folk at Ices Pet Locker gave us a wonderful gift for our Hunstanton Fun Dog Show on 17th May….. a smashing food or door mat.  Thank you so much! You will find them on FaceBook or on their website.

ice pet

We hope this photo redeems the pair and now it is time for me, the inside informer to bow out and let Josef and Frodo continue their work.

Signed:  Emma Teckel, assistant to Josef Teckel, News Editor, The Barking Bugle.

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  1. Josef says:

    I am not guilty, I tell you. I was just taking my scheduled breaks!

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