Summer finds her forever sofa

Barked By Guest Barker | 16th October 2016

Summer finds her forever sofa


My name is Summer. I am a Bull Lurcher, 19 inches tall, and, even though I say so myself, very good looking! About 17 weeks ago I was saved from a life of prostitution and enforced childbirth.   I don’t remember much about my early life as I had to grow up fast. I am about 4 ½ years old and have had 3 litters of puppies, broken ribs and broken toes and a large abscess on my face. My life was just plain pain!

However, now my life has changed for the better as two of my boys and I were rescued. We were separated and I didn’t know where they had gone but I ended up in a house with a load of friends and a lady who cared. She treated my pain even though it hurt sooooo much. This lady showed me love and I learned to trust her. I went everywhere with her and my new doggie friends who accepted me as being different.

I had a spay operation which is usually a simple procedure but mine, however, turned out to be quite complicated! Due to me having had so many puppies the doggie doctor needed to do more than normal and I had a very long cut in my tummy. This took time to heal.


The lady I stayed with was called my foster mummy. She was good. She LOVED me. She told me, “Soon you will have your forever sofa”. She was right. She started to take pictures of me and seemed to be talking to someone a lot about me. We often went out to doggy shows. I loved it.

When we went out to one show a long way away, she told me I would meet new friends and I did. A man and a woman talked to my foster mum for a long time and then we went off for a walk. Suddenly my foster mum went one way and I was left with these strangers. I liked them; they gave me a lot of fuss and attention, and treats! I sat with them and shared their picnic. My little foster brother, a Jack Russell, came bounding all over them and their car but they didn’t seem to mind. My foster mum came back and started to chat to these people.  I overheard her say, “I will miss her so there is just the paperwork to be done”. The man came and gave me a cuddle and said that I would come home soon.

It was about 2 weeks later that I saw them again. I didn’t understand why my foster mum was crying as the man and woman put me in their car. My foster mum came and said goodbye and I realised that I had found my forever sofa.

It took me several weeks to train my new humans but now I have good food whenever I want it,  there are beds everywhere for me and my toy box is always full!


I rule, they obey! OK, not really –  we have a good relationship. Dad has converted his van into a summer palace and I LOVE going away –  it is so much fun. I can now run in fields, chase a ball play rough and tumble with my new mum and dad.

I am still slowly recovering from my past.  Just before I pushed him out of bed the other day dad said to mum, ” She is learning to be a puppy and is so much fun”.

I love my new mum and dad so much and I try to show them it too.

Love Summer

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2 thoughts on “Summer finds her forever sofa”

  1. Val Baxter says:

    Fab story we have a rescued Boxer so beautiful and I feel a similar story. So lovely for our dogs to be puppies again however old. Broxi is so gape with ear friend Olive the Chocolate Lab .

  2. Emma Teckel says:

    Such a beautiful ending to this story. I Emma, spent my first years having puppies, so I know just how you feel, and know how lucky we are to have great homes now. Well done, Summer.

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