The Bark Off

Frodo’s mum’s amateur baking skills are put to the test!

Barked By Frodo | 26th February 2017

The Bark Off

It was too wet and windy the other day for us to go out for walkies, so to keep us amused mum suggested we could all have a go at ‘a bit of baking’!  Now, my mum is no Nigella Pawson or Mary Barky, so at first I had hoped she had said ‘a bit of barking’, but when she switched the oven on, I braced myself for another of mum’s baking disasters!

In her endeavour to provide us with healthy, good quality treats we’ve endured tears, tempers and tantrums and that’s just from dad. There’s been burnt saucepans, goo all over the floor, and black crunchy treats that even Gizmo turned his nose up at!

However, mum assured me that this time nothing could go wrong……. she had a ‘Bake Your Own Treats at Home’ kit.

The kit supplies all the ingredients you need to make treats or biscuits  and are weighed and placed in a sealed jar – just add 2 x eggs and some water, give it a stir et voila – baking mixture!  Couldn’t be easier, even mum managed!

The next task was to roll out the mixture and using the cutter supplied in the kit, cut out some bone shaped biscuits.  Easy, yes – if you can find the rolling pin!   Ours had disappeared so Gizmo and I offered to roll on our backs in the mixture to flatten it.  Mum said that wouldn’t be very hygienic! What!  She had obviously forgotten I had a bath last month and I was therefore perfectly hygienic -thank you very much!  Anyway, somehow, without our help, mum managed to roll out the mixture and assistant Chief Gizmo popped a tray of bone shaped dough into the oven.

and 45 minutes later …..

……Yummy.  I think mum did well don’t you!

“Bake Your Own Treats at Home’ are available from Bark Homemade Dog Treats. £5.00 per kit or 3 for £10.00.  Comes with metal bone cutter and both cutter and jars are reusable!  They also supply a range of packaged chocolate peanut butter cups, gravy bones, and themed treats for Valentine’s Day, Christmas and other special occasions.

Bark Homemade Dog Treats are an artisan bakery so if you have a special request, i.e. flavour or theme then do contact them to see what they can do for you.  For orders and enquiries visit their Facebook page or email

If you try them do let me know.

Baking Woofs – Frodo

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