Toying Around

Thor & Loki - The Border Collie bruvz repawting for the Barking Bugle on toys!

Barked By Thor and Loki | 30th April 2017

Toying Around

We all wuff when our pawrents return home and you spot that new toy sitting there in the bag. Nose goes in, sniff….yep, new toy smell….usually at this point your pawrent will ask, “What you are doing?”, with a smile on their face….well ours do!

Our pawrents do spoil us, that we will never deny. To them we are their true fur-babies as our mum cannot have hooman children. So we get birthday and Christmas presents with the occasional treat through the year.

When it comes to what are the best toys, it all depends on your fur-baby. Are they chewers? Do they like tug o’ war? Do they like balls? Do they like flinging a toy about?

We are the chewing, tug o’ war, balls and flinging about type. Our two favourites are the tug o’ war and balls; we wuff having a good play of tug o’ war with each other.

Ears pricked we were hearing woofs about these Indestructible toys, so paws to the keys we decided to look them up. We were surprised to read that a certain company actually has a Tuff scale: 1 being the weakest to 10 being the strongest.

We have woofed about some of the toys we have had the pleasure of trialling.

Tuffy Shark – Tuff scale 7, priced £11.00 – £15.00

This lasted us all of 20 minutes before stitching came apart. Our pawrents allowed limited play, until they gave up and just gave it to us. It didn’t take long after a good tug o’ war match and Shark ended up like………

Opinion – Not for those who like tug o’ war and chewing, better for those who like to throw their toys around. We wouldn’t save our treats and buy this again.

Even though Sharky popped to toy heaven, we had the pleasure of another toy from the same range.

LIL Oscar – Tuff Scale 8, priced from £13.50

One of us likes to nibble the stitching and that resulted in……

With mum’s extra strong stitching, we managed to have fun with LIL Oscar. We have played tug o’ war, thrown him, chewed him for the past 3-4 months. Here is where mum stitched him and what he looks like now.

Opinion – Definitely a toy to recommend, unless you are a heavy chewer. This would be a toy we would woof at our pawrents to buy for a special occasion.

WILKO Tough Snake, price £5.00

What fun we have had with this snake. Each section has a squeaker and it is grrrreat fun throwing it about. Our favourite tug o’ war game was played with full force. At first we heard a few stitches pop, but it held up to our gnashers tightly gripped while we tugged and tugged.

We think there might be a fault though, after a week the squeakers didn’t work anymore. On the other paw, we remember our pawrents complaining about how loud the squeak was and they did look guilty. That didn’t stop the constant playing, but in the end WILKO Snake went to toy heaven.

Opinion – We would save all our treats, go to the doggy bank and transfer them into hooman money, so we can buy the WILKO Snake again. A great toy for those who wuff to throw and have a game of tug o’ war. Just keep away from pawrents woofywoofwoof.

Bark-a-Boo Ballistic Nylon Woven Snake, price £15.00

This was a complete disappointment, only 5 minutes of play and this happened…

Less than a day and the only part of the snake left was……

Considering the price and on the packaging it says ‘Interactive tug & play. This isn’t a toy we recommend strong dogs playing tug o’ war with. If the toy snake had been made with what was left then it is a great tug o’ war toy.

Opinion – not for those who are strong when playing tug o’ war. Great for those who wuff throwing their toys around and those who don’t grip on well when playing tug o’ war. We feel it has been wasted money as the head and tail were not stitched well to the main body part.

Pets at Home Snake Firehose, price £10.00

Woof-tastic…..we have a toy that can stand up to us having a game of tug o’ war. What do you expect….it is made from fire hose and they have to be tough. It is also a great toy to throw around and so far the squeakers are still in squeaking condition. We have made a small hole in one corner.

Opinion – a little on the pricey side for how big it is. Tough enough to last a good tug o’ war match between us. Not sure if we would convert our treats and buy again.

All For Paws TPR Ballistic Stick – price £7.00 plus

Pounce here, pounce there, squeal with excitement…..we wuff this toy. Of course our pawrents had to adapt it slightly. The rubber tube can come off when flinging around, plus the fabric is padded with stuffing where the tube sits. You will see in the photo below what they have done. Now….this is a tug o’ war, fling, chew….all the excitement when this toys is about is toooooo much!

Opinion – you must have this toy in your collection. A great toy and well worth the price, hours of fun and grrrreat interaction with your pawrents.

Indestructiball –  various price for small, medium and large

Noisy when played on a patio….or maybe it’s just noisy when WE play on the patio woofywoofwoof.

As far as being INDESTRUCTIBLE, you’ve seen the damage we can do and this is one toy we have not ruined. A great toy to play nose football with and to chase after doing a couple of flips when you trip over it. We squeal with delight when playing with this toy. The Indestructiball definitely keeps you on your paws. You can have hours of fun with or without your pawrents. Best to have regular 40 woofs before playing again BOL. We have had the ball for about 7-8 months.

Opinion – if we had enough treats saved up, we would buy one for all our furry friends. High Paws up from us. Another toy you must have.

Tug ‘n Toss Jolly Ball – varied prices

Some of you will recognise this toy from the equestrian world. Well, they are now in the doggy world. They are as described – a great tug ‘n toss toy. They are tough enough for us to play with, but NOT to chew. We still manage to play nose football and when we want to give our nose a break, we simply pick it up and RUN. The jolly ball is one we both have fun playing with and great when our pawrents throw it for us to run after and bring back. Even though this is a tough toy, they do say it is not indestructible. We woof it is more indestructible than those that say they are indestructible BOL.

Opinion – The name says it all, a great Tug ‘n Toss toy. We recommend to all our furry friends who like this sort of toy to give your pawrents the sad eyes and tilted head, so they buy you one.

Nerf Tennis Ball Blaster – price approx. £20.00

You can buy one of these that fires smaller tennis balls; the one we are woofing about fires standard size tennis balls. Straight away our pawrents found a flaw – on the packaging it says you can use any tennis ball. When they did, it took 3-4 shots and it broke. On closer inspection, they found some smaller writing that states only Nerf tennis balls should be used.

So, second Nerf Blaster with Nerf tennis balls…..let’s see what this baby can do!

When fired directly in front of you, the tennis ball doesn’t go as far as you would expect. But if you fire slightly upwards, you can make us really run after the ball.

This is a great toy for those who cannot throw a tennis ball far or use one of the tennis ball launchers. To use, you simply place the end over the tennis ball and push down slightly, pull back lever and press the trigger. Our mum loves this toy as she doesnt have to bend down and gets us running around keeping us in good health. A really fun toy that bonds the relationship with your pawrents.

Opinion – Shame that you can only use Nerf tennis balls as they are not cheap cheap. Overall, a great toy for walks on a big field and keeping us in good health….plus tiring us out! Well worth the hooman pennies.

Antlers and Buffalo Horns

We know these aren’t toys but we wanted to add these as they have been tested by our own gnashers.

We all know that as pups we have a need to chew, some worse than others. Through the woofline we heard of many pawrents at their wits end on what to give their fur-baby to help with chewing. In our opinion, we are not fans of the rawhide products. Unfortunately, they are not as safe as some may think, but everyone has their own opinion and story.

So, you have a pup, Or, you have a fur-baby that has chewed through toys, kitchen tables and your best pair of shoes. What can you give them?

From being pupsters and going through the chewing phase, our pawrents were told about Antlers. Like most pawrents, they were willing to give it a go. They bought us both our very own piece of antler – we soon started gnawing on it.

Buffalo Horns are also great for chewers. They are not as hardy as the antlers, but still great for chewing, both also keep our gnashers pearly white. Even though we gnawed off small bits, they were safe for us to digest. Our pawrents bought one full buffalo horn and cut it in half.

Antlers price from £4.00 plus, depending on size.

Buffalo Horns price from £5.00 plus, depending on size.

Please remember, we have tested these toys via them being bought by our pawrents, not all toys are suitable for every dog.

Please make your pawrents aware that the stuffing our toys are filled with cannot be eaten and can cause complications. Please get them to remove any stuffing and any squeakers that have come out, and maybe throw the toy away.

When buying a NEW toy, it is all about trial and error; unfortunately they won’t have the Border Collie Bruvz test mark on them woofywoofwoof.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our testing of some toys.

Woofs Thor & Loki – Health & Lifestyle Repawters for the Barking Bugle.

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