Will dogs chase cats in heaven?

20th May 2017 at 7.30pm. Hethel Church, Church Lane, Hethel, NR14 8HE

Barked By Guest Barker | 3rd May 2017

Will dogs chase cats in heaven?

Now, I don’t know about you, but I love nothing more than to chase cats out of my garden, much to the annoyance of my human. It is one of the simple pleasures in my life and sometimes I wonder if I will get to chase them in heaven. I’m told that many of our humans have questions about what will happen to us when we die. Will they see us again? What might life be like beyond the grave (theirs and ours)? Whatever heaven is like, won’t it be mighty crowded if it’s full of us dogs and other animals?

My human, The Revd Andrew North, has recently completed an MA dissertation on this issue. He’s used to being asked these questions when he’s out walking me and my sister Edith, wearing his, er, dog collar. So he thought there might be an interested audience if he set up an evening. Organiser Peter Nicholls said, “We know that vets get asked these sorts of questions all the time – it’s a real issue for animal lovers. We invite anyone who’d like a researched Christian ‘take’ on the subject to come on the 20th. As an ex-teacher, Andrew is a natural communicator and is something of an entertainer and humorist as well. We anticipate a good evening.”

The event will be in Hethel Church (Church Lane, Hethel, NR14 8HE), starting at 7.30pm on 20th May 2017. Andrew will speak; in the interval wine and nibbles will be served to lubricate conversation, and there will be plenty of time for questions afterwards.
A suggested donation of £5 towards the church’s heating fund is invited. Unfortunately for us, this event is not one that us dogs can attend, so we’ll have to stay at home with a good bone. However, I’m sure that our humans will have a fun and informative time.

For more information, contact Peter Nicholls (01508 570557 / peternic@allbelievers.org or visit the church website.

Woofs Max The Wonder Dog (A  5 year old crossbreed who was rescued by the Dogs Trust in Loughborough and has lived with his humans for the past 3 years)

Photo: Max (right) is pictured with Cavapoo Edith (left), and  The Revd Andrew North (centre).

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