Woah! What’s this Tiny Person doing in my house?

Barked By Guest Barker | 18th January 2017

Woah! What’s this Tiny Person doing in my house?

Hey. I’m Toffee, a Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from SpanielKing.com

I’ve lived the last 5 years of my life with just my Mum & Dad, oh and that pesky cat. She’s not that bad really I suppose, in fact she’s pretty cool. She can knock food down from the bench for us both to eat when our pawrents aren’t looking and she snuggles up to me at night and keeps me warm.

Mum and Dad are nice to me; they take me on walks, feed me and let me jump up on the settee. Sometimes they even let me go upstairs and sleep in their bed too! Pretty Pawesome, right?

So life’s been pretty good for me. I feel like a pretty special guy, in fact I’d say I’ve been Mum and Dads # No. 1.

But things have changed recently. I noticed something funny was going on a while ago now. Mum told Dad I was acting weird around her. I just wanted to be next to her, cuddle up on the settee, you know the usual Dog stuff.

Then there was a weird day when Mum and Dad were acting strange, like super excited, but I didn’t know why. It wasn’t my birthday, the cat’s birthday, or either of their birthdays. Mum’s belly started to change too, I thought she’d been eating my food.

A few months later funny people kept coming round to look at our house. Mum and Dad kept sending me to the next door neighbours when this was happening which I thought was a bit odd.

Then something even stranger happened. They packed up our entire house and put it in a van! My crate, bed, bowls and even all my toys.

When they unpacked it we were somewhere new, somewhere strange. I’d never been there before. It was bigger than our old house. Wow, more rooms with beds for me to sleep in I thought. But Mum and Dad put this weird gate thing at the bottom of the stairs so I couldn’t get up.

Then things really changed. Mum and Dad went out one night and came back home with someone else. Someone I’d not seen before. Someone tiny.

For some reason this new Tiny Person was also making these really weird crying noises. It wasn’t like a bark; I can’t really explain it – I’d never heard it before.

Then Mum and Dad started acting super cagey around me, keeping me out of the living room or wherever the Tiny Person was. All I wanted to do was say hello to this Tiny Person, perhaps give them a sniff. I thought they might be a bit like the cat, although they were less fluffy.

Mum and Dad were home a lot more – they used to be out most of the day, but now they were often at home with this little human being.

They eventually started letting me sit with it more and I was finally able to get to know this Tiny Person.

Mum and Dad said I was the Its Dog and kept pointing at me and saying “Dog”. I kept thinking to myself, I have a name you know! But the It seemed to like it and like me which was cool.

The little human didn’t stay that Tiny for long. It is getting pretty big now. It’s even started moving around; It doesn’t do it quite as elegantly as I do, but It kind of shuffles around.

It likes to give me cuddles, stroke my head and best of all they eat food from a magical chair in the living room where they throw all sorts of tasty treats on the floor to me! Mummy and Daddy don’t like Tiny Person doing this, but it makes them all laugh!

While I may not be Mum and Dads # No. 1 anymore, I’m super happy to have a Tiny Person join my Pawesome family, plus they seem to like me more than that ca!.

If you want to find out more about me you can visit my website SpanielKing.com, Like me on Facebook, or Follow me on Twitter.

Woofs Toffee

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