Yuk!  Ticks Suck…..! 

Barked By Guest Barker | 28th June 2018

Yuk!  Ticks Suck…..! 

Ticks are ‘unwanted guests that climb into your fur, suck blood from you and spread nasty diseases.’ Yuk!

Ticks are very spider-like when small, but when their bodies fill with blood they can be mistaken for small growths. They are commonly found in woods, grassland and heaths – even the dunes around our beaches. They are active all year round, but particularly from spring to autumn. They can spread really serious diseases like Lyme Disease.

It is really important that we are treated with a good veterinary recommended tick product. There is a choice of products such as spot ons, collars and tablets.

Make sure your humans always check you for ticks after a walk. If you find a tick use a tick hook to remove it. Slide the prongs of the hook either side of the tick and gently rotate until the tick comes away. If you can’t remove it yourself or you think you have left mouthparts in, are intermittently lame, lethargic or have a high temperature contact your vet straight away.

Enjoy your holiday and make sure your doggy first aid kit contains a tick hook. 😊

Woofs Clive – Guest Barker & K9 Veterinary Nurse

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