Barking Bugle raises funds for life saving equipment! 

Barked By Lily | 11th December 2017

Barking Bugle raises funds for life saving equipment! 

Heacham and Hunstanton Fire Stations in Norfolk have been presented with lifesaving pet oxygen mask sets by the Barking Bugle.

After a summer of fundraising at fun dog shows held at Festivals of Dogs, enough money was raised to purchase two sets of masks including three different sized masks that will fit pets as small as a hamster and as large as a Great Dane.

“I first saw these at the National Pet Show at the NEC and thought they were a good idea,” said Barking Bugle Editor Frodo Cavalier. “The Barking Bugle dogs have made lots of appearances throughout the summer and I’m pleased that we’ve been able to do this, especially since there are lots of pet owners in the area.”

The Barking Bugle team were at Hunstanton Fire Station on Monday 4th December when the oxygen mask sets were officially presented to both stations, where the crews made a fuss of the the team.

Thanking the Barking Bugle, Hunstanton Watch Manager Rigil Kent, said, “Fortunately we haven’t had many fires here recently but owners are always very concerned about their pets and there have been incidents when much-loved pets have perished.  Only recently three cats died at a fire in Grimston, so it is really great to have this equipment on the fire appliances in Hunstanton and Heacham.”

Currently fire fighters are having to share their vital life saving equipment with humans and pets despite the fact that 46% of households in England have pets. Unlike humans pets will normally hide in houses from fire and therefore suffer smoke inhalation much quicker than a human.

“We are very grateful to Festivals of Dogs, without whose support this would not have been possible,” woofed Deputy Editor Gizmo.

The pet oxygen masks are supplied by Smokey Paws – a not for profit charity whose aim is to equip the whole of the UK fire service with pet oxygen masks to help resuscitate family pets in the event of smoke inhalation during a fire.

Woofs Fur Officer Lily – Repawting for The Barking Bugle

Photo Credits: Hunstanton Town and Around


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