Become Barking Mad

Home from home dog sitting in Norfolk

Barked By Guest Barker | 23rd September 2018

Become Barking Mad

So our humans have asked us to tell you about Barking Mad, the alternative to dog kennels that they run in Norfolk. Well, they think they run it. Basically we are the brains behind this service but we like to let them think they are in charge. It makes them feel important!

Let’s introduce ourselves and explain about how this whole dog sitting business works. 

I’m Sam and I run Barking Mad in North Norfolk. I’m supposed to say that my human, Sharon, runs it but we all know the truth. I’m the expert and I’ve been here since the beginning of Barking Mad in Norfolk. I love sitting with my humans, laying on the sofa and being let off the lead on my walks but if my human put me in a kennel, I wouldn’t get any of that. I mean, how would I manage the business from a cage? More importantly who would give me my evening treat? So when my mum suggested that we run an alternative to kennels, I thought we would be Barking Mad not to!

You might have seen my human’s car about in Norfolk? I tend to manage all the important paperwork to make sure we are providing the best home from home dog boarding service, so I delegate the driving to the humans. They go off to places like Acle, Aylsham, Blofield and Cromer to explain to other humans how the dog boarding works. The humans also visit lots of little, local dog shows around Norfolk; in fact over the summer they were at Ingham Village Fête, Hoveton Fair and Thorpe Farmers’ Market. I leave all that to the humans – I’m needed for the important work in the office.

All right Sam, we know how long you have been organising doggy holidays but it’s our turn now to tell them all about Barking Mad in West Norfolk. Hi everyone! We are Belle and Annie and I suppose we’d better mention our human, Tania. We may have only been running this pawsome home from home dog sitting service for a couple of years now but we feel like we have got this pet sitting malarkey sussed. Obviously we get the human to do the driving to places like King’s Lynn, Hunstanton and Swaffham but we do make sure that she has got all the dogs’ favourite toys and treats for the perfect holiday experience. Well, what’s a holiday without all your creature comforts around you? Our human gets a 5 star experience when she goes away – why shouldn’t we? Oh, that reminds us, any holiday dog sitter (or host families as we like to call them) that has us, gets a little fact sheet on how to look after us. Obviously they need to know that we love a nap on a chair or when to give us our best treats. It’s also of the highest importance that they know we love a beach walk, particularly at Holkham and Old Hunstanton. 

Well, it looks like Annie and Belle are taking their afternoon nap now so finally it’s my turn! I’m Nellie, the youngest of the Barking Mad bunch but don’t let that fool you. I keep my human, Helen, in check and she knows who is boss.

So I know Sam, Annie and Belle have explained how it all works but I don’t want Barking Mad in South Norwich to be missed out. My human thinks she works really hard driving around to places like Wymondham, Barford, Hingham and Loddon, telling people about our local dog sitting service but normally they all just want to stroke me. I love getting all the fuss while the human explains that we offer a door to door service, packing the dog’s luggage in the car and making sure they are safely at our host’s home. While I’m having my tummy tickled, she also explains all her pet sitters are experienced dog lovers but if they had any issues, Helen would be there before you can wag your tail to help out. 

So to all our fellow canines, make sure your human books you in with Barking Mad for the best dog holiday you’ve ever had. Our webpage is – why not leave it open for your human to see next time you get your paws on the computer?

Woofs Sam – Guest Barker

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