Birthday Celebrations! 

Barked By Cocoa | 27th March 2018

Birthday Celebrations! 

Dad’s birthday was coming up and I wanted to buy him something special, just to show how much I do love him.  People often refer to me as ‘Daddy’s Girl’, probably because I am always by his side but I think there is nothing wrong with that.   But I had a problem as I didn’t have a clue what to get him.  So I asked Luca if he had any bright ideas.

‘What’s a birthday Cocoa?’ was his reply.  I counted to ten and then said it’s the same as your Barkday but for hoomans – they call it a birthday.  ‘Oh’, said Luca.

I then waited to see if a lightbulb would miraculously appear above his head. However, this is Luca we are talking about and nothing seemed to register.  ‘So,’ I repeated, ‘any ideas?’

‘Sorry Cocoa, what did you say again?’

‘Oh Luca, do you ever pay any attention to anything I say?  This is our Dad we are talking about and I want to get him something nice for his birthday’.

‘Sorry Cocoa, I really don’t know. I am very busy you know. Loose Women are on the TV in 5 minutes and I can’t possible miss that. Hugh Whippet-Stall is apparently on today and you know how I love the celebrity chefs and cooking’.

‘Luca, I am trying to have a serious conversation with you and you are just worried about watching Loose Women?  Well, that’s just typical, I am trying to think of something nice to do for Dad – he deserves to be treated.’

‘Well, Cocoa, I always think a nice bone goes down well, in the treat department’.

‘No, you dufas, when I say a treat I mean a day out, lunch or tea – a hooman treat, not a dog treat’.  Gosh, that boy just gets more stupid every day.’

‘Calm down Cocoa, have you been on the Pawsecco again? I told you it’s best not drink before teatime, although did you just say a day out?  We could go to Wells and have walk along the beach and then we could have a cup of tea at the café.  I always love doing that – you know I love my tea.

‘Yes, but we do that a lot, it’s nothing really different is it?’

‘I agree,’ said Luca, ‘but how much money do you have in your bank account Cocoa?  Can you afford anything else?  A posh fancy lunch?  Perhaps you shouldn’t have bought that new coat the other day?  I told you it was exactly the same as your blue one. Why you wanted another one is beyond me’!

‘Because it was red and I look good in red’.  But he had a point, I wasn’t exactly rolling in money (I will roll in many things, but unfortunately never money).  My bank account still hadn’t recovered from the January sales – I always think one can never have too many balls.  ‘Look, we have digressed, never mind about my bank account, what about yours?’

At this point Luca started to look a bit shifty. He might be a bit of a dufas but he is a bit of hoarder, money included.  ‘Why don’t you ask your good friend Frodo at The Barking Bugle to put a Happy Birthday message in the magazine?  You are always saying that your job as their foreign correspondent is very high powered. Why don’t you ask him for a favour?  That would be something a bit different for Dad’.

Madre Mia, the boy might have an idea.  That is different.  ‘We can have a walk at Wells too and if you are nice to me Cocoa, I will stand everybody a cup of tea too.  Now can I get back to Loose Women please? Hugh is now coming on’.

With that Luca resumed his usual position on the sofa and the conversation was over.  Mmmmmm, he is dufas but just occasionally, he does come good!  Now, what’s Frodo’s email address ……………..

Woofs Cocoa – BB Foreign Correspondent and Director at Tuff Dogs Stuff.

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