Calling all Schnauzers and friends! Schnauzerfest UK

Schnauzerfest 13/14 October 2018

Barked By Twinkle | 26th September 2018

Calling all Schnauzers and friends! Schnauzerfest UK

Hello! My name is Twinkle and I’ve taken over this year’s organisation of Schnauzerfest. Well, not quite taken over, more like been bumbled into helping my mum Janetta and her friends.

It’s a nationwide event held in aid of rescue dogs and my sister Susie-Belle was the inspiration for the first one 4 years ago. She sadly died in November 2016, shortly after the Schnauzerfest weekend so to help my mum continue her work I’m happily stepping in.


It will be a great weekend  of walks across the country on the 13th & 14th of October. Schnauzers all around the British Isles from Orkney to Cornwall will be walking with their doggy and human friends. While we’re all out enjoying ourselves we’ll be raising money for the Diana Brimblecome Animal Rescue Centre (DBARC) . 

There are lots of walks for this year already organised and more in the planning. Details of all the walks can be found on the Facebook page which I help my mum run as sometimes she misses important information out ( We’re keen to add more walks, so if you don’t see one that’s local to you we’d love you to organise one in your favourite place! For our friends in Norfolk a walk will be taking place on Sunday October 14th at a 10.30am at Wells-Next-the-Sea Beach Cafe, NR23 1 DR.

It’s very easy to host a walk; everything is easy and fun. It’s all about getting out with our doggy pals and enjoying walking with others. I hate rules and regulations and my mum makes sure that these are kept well away from Schnauzerfest. I’m happy to give you lots of advice if you want to host, or take part in any way at all.  The team at the Barking Bugle are also happy to help promote your walk.

There’s no charge for taking part in any of the walks. We like people to make a donation that feels right for them. I have two sisters and for mum to have to pay for each of us it would make it an expensive weekend, so we have no such rule with Schnauzerfest. You can pay as much or as little as you like. I told you there were no silly rules to put you off. This is, after all, a Schnauzer-infested event and everyone knows how we hate rules and being told what to do.

For the three years that Schnauzerfest has been running, thousands of pounds have been raised. Totally gobtwinkling huh?

We raise money for DBARC because they help dogs like me. I lived for years in a puppy farm. DBARC helped me get better from that awful experience and let my mum adopt me. She was very lucky I know to get me. I like to remind her every day how lucky she is that I am beside her all the time, wherever she is. I bark if she forgets it, or ignores me. I am a Schnauzer through-and-through and hate to be ignored now that I’ve recovered from being in the puppy farm. I’ve also recently gone deaf so can’t really hear what I’m barking about most of the time, but mum seems to understand.

I want other dogs to have homes like I have, so please support Schnauzerfest this year if you can, which will mean DBARC can carry on helping dogs like me.


Mum has written four books about what it’s like to live with dogs like me and my sister Susie-Belle. I know she loves us all very much but there have been hard times for me along the way and she wants everyone to know that puppy farming is horrible.

All her books are available from Amazon.  Please join us all having a lot of Schnauzertastic fun.

Woofs Twinkle!

For further information please contact:

or see

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10 thoughts on “Calling all Schnauzers and friends! Schnauzerfest UK”

  1. Kathy mellon says:

    Would love to be involved with my schnauzer, Betsy🐾

  2. christine Booker says:

    Good for you Twinkle. My mum rubbish at arranging things too. Who on could mix up schnauzer day at Debarc with looking after her newphews only my mum. Love her to bits but thought she’d get my day right. Oh well just have to hope she doesn’t do it again as I loved the Whitting walk. In fact I’ll take charge from now on as I just can’t trust her.
    Have a great day and don’t let your mum take charge
    Too much
    Hattie 🐕

  3. christine Booker says:

    Hi Twinkle
    I’m really pleased that you have taken charge. My mum is rubbish. I mean to say who could mix my day out at Debarc with looking after her nephews. I mean what is more important. I suppose I’ll just have to let her off this time. But from now on I’m taking charge. Hope you have a great day and my dad might bring me and my brother. paws crossed. All the best Hattie Finch Schnauzer

  4. Sarah Norman says:

    My little boy is now 12 and bless him he can’t walk far to join this happy walk, I bought well saved him from a local puppy farm aged only 6 weeks old he was a poorly boy,but has been a great friend,

  5. Julie leedham says:

    Hi could you tell me if there is a schnauzer meet near Tamworth this year

  6. Julia Atkinson says:

    Hi could you tell me please if there is a ever a schnauzer fest in north Yorkshire, specifically Harrogate area. There are many many schnauzers in this area.

  7. Frodo says:

    Hi Julia, Keep an eye on their facebook page – new walks being added all the time. Woofs Frodo

  8. Frodo says:

    Hi Julie, Keep an eye on their Facebook page as new walks being added all the time. Woofs Frodo x

  9. Karen moy says:

    My girl is jem my little boy is dickie we would all love to come walkies please let me know the dates for 2019 🐾

  10. Frodo says:

    Hi Karen
    Dates for 2019 can be found on more events being added all the time. Woofs

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