Canine Massage – The Pawfect Experience

By Genna - Guest Barker

Barked By Guest Barker | 30th June 2018

Canine Massage – The Pawfect Experience

A holiday in Norfolk is a great way to unwind from the everyday hustle and bustle. Our lives as dogs can be both strenuous and stressful. Every now and then we need to recharge our batteries and a fantastic way to do that is with a massage – something already popular with our humans when on holiday. Hands 4 Hounds has been providing a massage service for dogs for almost 7 years now. Most of Louise’s clients live in the county but she also has some regular clients who are holiday visitors to Norfolk. One of those is Ruskin – named after the local college where she was found by a rescue organisation. Ruskin was in rescue for 2 years before being given a fantastic home in Luton. By then she was around 6 and she’s now around 13yrs old. Ruskin’s new grandparents have a holiday home in Norfolk so from having no home she’s ended up with two! Ruskin loves Norfolk. She enjoys the woods, the beaches and the sea. Ruskin’s next door neighbour was already a client of Louise’s and when she heard how much he enjoyed his massages she decided it was definitely going to be the holiday treat for her too. Ruskin had developed some stiffness in one of her back legs which was slowing her down. After her first massage she couldn’t believe how much better she felt and how much faster she could move. All the better to chase those seagulls! 

Alfie is another of Louise’s clients. His parents have a caravan on the coast which is a great place for Alfie, who enjoys taking part in agility, to relax and recharge his batteries. Alfie is a Collie x Jack Russell and was starting to have trouble with his back and hind legs when he met Louise at another of his favourite past times – a dog show. Louise has been visiting Alfie at the caravan when he’s been staying in Norfolk ever since. Alfie’s 11 now and still takes part in agility sessions – mostly for fun but he does enter the occasional competition and is still winning rosettes at the shows.

Massage stretches out muscles, gets rid of knots and improves flexibility. Dogs, like people, develop aches and pains from everyday life. This can make it more difficult to play, get up on the sofa or into the car. It is thought that 80% of dogs over the age of 8 have some level of arthritis in their joints which reduces their flexibility. By lengthening out the muscles with massage, dogs regain flexibility and their pain is reduced. Louise will always check with your vet before your massage, so she can tailor the treatment to your particular needs.  

Here’s Barking Bugle Boss, Frodo Cavalier, having a massage

Woofs  Genna

Hands 4 Hounds  


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