Christmas Pudding Party HQ News

Barked By Josef | 15th November 2016

Christmas Pudding Party HQ News

Did you hear the Barking Bugle interview with Frodo and Lily on BBC Radio Norfolk this morning?  It was good, don’t you think?  However, while Frodo gets all these posh jobs, some of the Barking Bugle team, like me and Emma, have our own areas of work.  They may not always be glamorous but we enjoy what we do… well, most of the time.

Now, as you may know, our Mum is not keen on dressing us up and has resisted doing so forever.  Have you ever heard her say, “Dogs are dogs!  They have fur!  They don’t need fancy dress!’  Whether you agree or disagree isn’t a problem for us, but honestly we’re not keen ourselves.  Imagine our horror when, in planning the Christmas Pudding Pawty  (3rd December), Mum heard that Santa’s helpers were already over-stretched and he needed two more elves. Yes, you guessed it!  Oh the shame, the shame!  I think our photograph says it all.

Getting ready for a Christmas Pawty is quite a job, and for the last two nights, we’ve been packing loads of items for the Doggy Dip, and even more for the treasure hunt, which we have decided should be called a “Bone Hunt”  We’ve advised Mum that the term ‘Treasure Hunt’ is inappropriate, although to dogs, bones really are treasures.

We are making regular reconnaissance missions to The Orchard Tea Room  under the guise of enjoying some of their wonderful coffee and cakes for Mum and bikkies for us.  On our visits we are busy measuring things up and planning what will go where.  The owners, Jim and Carol are really excited about the event, and can’t wait to see us all in pawty mode, while we are looking forward to showing you round.  Today we took a photo from a little way up the orchard and as you can see there is plenty for us to explore.


Our Mum has a history of successful large event management, and you should see her pawing over her timeline.  Today was ear-marked for inviting local business people to help out with the pawty in whatever way they could.  She is very good!  And so are the companies who have given or promised us gifts for our Christmas celebrations.

First, we had a lovely chat with the manager of Pets At Home at Wisbech.  She has kindly donated two generous vouchers, which will be used for the competition prizes.  We are truly grateful, and hope they can send someone along to say “Hi” on the day.

We also visited the lovely people at Nimax, Wisbech, who have a great range of food and equipment for dogs and other animals.  They are making a special gift parcel for us, and we want to say a big thanks to them for their kindness.

Meanwhile, back at the warehouse aka our hall, the chief elves have been on look out duties for delivery of even more items for the Pawty.


Sure enough, a delivery of goody bags arrived from our sponsors,  Natural Instinct. We have a great Parcel Force delivery man …. he brings us a couple of biscuits when he delivers here!   And minutes later, the promised parcel arrived from Vatalin Pet Food . We are astounded at how generous all our gift donors have been.

Of course, Santa Paws is standing by, ready to visit the Pawty and we will be there to help him.  We really are excited!


In the meantime,  Jim of The Orchard Tea Room has got his recipe books out, stocked up on ingredients for cakes and lunches, ordered a ton of coffee and tea, chopped up logs for the wood burner and in his spare time is practicing his worst jokes to keep us all amused.  Believe me, he is great fun!

We’ve already been telling customers about the pawty, and a young man we met yesterday is really looking forward to it.  Meet our new friend, Freddie, and plan to join him, many other visitors and The Barking Bugle Team on 3rd December.


Woofs Josef Teckel, News Editor

Photographs:  Diana Bailey

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