Doggy camping in Norfolk

Barked By Cocoa | 26th August 2017

Doggy camping in Norfolk

As usual I have been a very busy bee but last weekend my family and I managed to take time out from our hectic show schedule and have a weekend away to ourselves.  A friend of my Dad’s was having a party and we were all invited.  I must admit when I was told what we would be doing I was a little unsure as camping was involved.  To me that just sounded like a busman’s holiday as we are always camping at various different shows, but Mum promised this time it would be different – a pinkie paw promise in fact, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt and Luca and I agreed to go.

We spent the weekend at Top Farm in Marsham which is a campsite half an hour away from home but it still felt like we were getting away from it all.  There was a whole group of us including Milo my cousin from the posh side of the family because they were in their caravan (we only have a tent!) and we made some new friends, a Dalmatian, a German shepherd and a sausage dog called Reginald.  We did have a slight problem at first because Luca thought the sausage dog was there for his tea, but Reggie soon put him right on that score!

The  facilities at Top farm for the hoomans were good as they had showers and toilets and mum said that they stayed reasonable clean for the duration of the weekend (that’s the toilets not the hoomans!)

And the facilities for us were wonderful because across from the campsite there were woods and fields for us to run around in.  I cannot believe how big Marsham woods and the heathland are.  One day we were out for 2 hours and we didn’t see another hooman or dog until we returned back to the campsite.  Mum was puffing a bit at this point, but Luca and I were still up front, nose and tail at the ready!  I also can’t believe that all of this was on our doorstep – mum said she didn’t even know that the place existed and she grew up round here.

We then got invited to attend the big party on Saturday night and that was the funniest bit of the whole weekend.  It was a silent disco.  Yes, a silent disco, which bascially means we were all given headphones to pop on, three music channels to choose from – rock, 80’s and a kiddies channel – and yes you guessed it, Luca was bopping to the kiddies tunes all night!  Anyway, we were all jigging away until Uncle Julian whispered to me, ‘Take the headphones off Cocoa and just watch and listen’.  Well I did and that was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time – the singing was dreadful.  I hate to say it but Mum’s was the worst but everyone was just singing and jigging around in their own little world.  At one point Mum even seemed to be listening to something that wasn’t even on the channels!  Gosh I woofed and laughed so hard my sides still hurt now!

I admit not every campsite will have a ready made party but even without that it would have been fantastic.  To be in the great outdoors, to make the most of the walks, to see old friends and make new ones was just fantastic!  At one point we had 10 dogs out on the walk with us, all different makes and models and we all got along just fine.  We have camped at a few other local campsites too and they have been just as good – Whitehall farm at Burnham Thorpe and also Rendlesham Forest camping in Suffolk.  So it just goes to show, you don’t have to travel far and wide or even spend a lot of money to have a holiday.

Camping when you have dogs can make life interesting and fun – the walks are on your doorstep and if you don’t travel too far from home, it won’t be a long and tedious journey home. You can get away from it all by just being half an hour down the road. Totes pawsome!

Woofs, Cocoa from Tuffdogs Stuff repawting for The Barking Bugle

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  1. Kate Hughes says:

    Glad you had such a great time. Burnham Deepdale is another dog-friendly campsite – my Cavaliers and I have been going there for several years. Coastal path across the road, Coasthopper bus stops at the door, nice dog-friendly cafe next door – we love our Norfolk holidays!

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