Keeping safe in Summer

Look after yourself doggies when it's hot outside! Well worth a read.

Barked By Pupstar | 19th May 2017

Keeping safe in Summer

Summer has arrived and I bet your human is well pleased. For us doggies though it can be a bit uncomfortable when that sun is high in the sky, so here’s some advice to keep you happy and well.

Make sure you’re up to date with your flea and tick treatment – the little buggers are everywhere at the moment. A simple treatment can be purchased from your medical advisor and is quick and easy to apply.

NEVER let your human leave you in a car alone in the heat. Cars heat up really, really fast, even on a cloudy day. A sun shade on the window, and leaving windows open will not do enough to keep the vehicle cool. If you see any doggies left in cars then bark down the phone immediately to the police. Hot doggies die in Hot cars! So be on the alert!  The same goes for leaving us in a caravan, conservatory, shed or even a room with lots of windows. Tell your human NOT to do this. If they have to go out and leave you alone they must make sure the room will stay cool and that it is well ventilated.

If you have a swimming pool, do be careful. We are not all good swimmers. Best not to have a swim unsupervised. Make sure there is a human with you to look after you if you do fancy a dip.

Your human will probably have lots of windows open in the house, again be careful. It is very exciting to climb up on the window ledge to look out, but you can fall out just as easily as well.

Pavements get a bit hot at this time of year and asphalt can burn paws! Ouch!

Gardeners are out and about tending plants and flowers which look very tasty…but they may have been treated with insecticides and other chemicals. Stick with munching on your bones and leave the flowers alone.

Drink plenty….and we mean water. Ask your human to top up your bowl with fresh water throughout the day. It’s best that your water bowl is on the heavy side to ensure that you can’t tip it over and spill the water.

Walkies should be early morning and evening. During the heat of the day, best to stay in the shade, catch up with the latest issue of the Barking Bugle and snooze.

Keep safe. Woofs from Pupster x


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  1. Amanda says:

    Looking good Indie

  2. A big woofy thank you. Frodo x

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