Flexitags – The must have ID tags!

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Barked By Frodo | 29th November 2018

Flexitags – The must have ID tags!

Unlike some dogs I don’t bark at the postman, in fact I always give him my best toothy grin  because a lot of deliveries to my house have my name on them!

It’s always exciting when I have a parcel to open – will it be treats, treats or even better treats but last week I opened up a package that contained a red, flatish object with some words on it!  

‘It’s a dog ID tag, Frodo,’ said mum. ‘You’re always complaining about the ones you wear so I thought we would try something different.’

Mum’s quite right, I do complain.  I have always worn disc tags, but they’ve caused me a few problems. I’ve got them tangled up in brambles and twigs. I’ve caught my claw in them whilst having a good scratch; they dangle about, hitting me in the chest. The split rings have expanded exposing sharp ends, and don’t get me started on how many I’ve managed to lose!  I’m not sure mum likes them either as I’ve overheard her saying, ‘Damn thing, another broken nail,’ as she has tried to take them off my collar!

To put a stop to my complaining mum had been in touch with a company called Flexitags.  The red object in the parcel was in fact a lightweight I.D. tag that attaches to your collar by flexible bands, the ends of which stretch over the fastener…with me so far?

The Flexitag was easy to attach to my collar: mum thought she might be over stretching the flexible bands but they appeared to be super tough and held the tag security flat against my collar.  Mum then removed it, incurring no broken nails, and tried it on my harness – pawfect! 

My Flexitag is red with black bands and it tones in perfectly well with my kit and looks very smart.  There are 9 tag colours to choose from, including brother Gizmo’s favourite colour, pink, and 11 different collar silicon securing bands, so there is something for even the most fashion conscious canine! 

The Science Bit

Flexitags are made from lightweight fully anodised high quality Alcoa and are anodised to 7 microns, including the edges! Personally I have no idea what anodised material is but I am assured it means that the tag will be long lasting, hard wearing, lightweight and have no sharp edges! 

The engraving is carried out in house using a diamond tip cutter to ensure a deep finish and durability.  There is room for 3 lines of engraving on the small tag and 4 lines on the larger tag – so plenty of space for details of your pawrents’ name, your address (house number and post code is sufficient) and your telephone number.  The latter is not a legal requirement in the UK but I would highly recommend including the old i-bone number!

Having been out for a few walks I am really pleased with my tag – it has stayed securely in place not budging a mm but even better it doesn’t get in the way and annoy me! I’ve retired now from agility but it would have been great as the Flexitag does not have to be removed prior to competing!

I don’t often review products as it can be a bit embarrassing if I don’t like them, but on this occasion I’m making an exception.  At £.6.95 each, (see offer)  including 1st class delivery, we think Flexitags are a bargain, and with Christmas fast approaching they are a pawfect stocking filler from Santa paws – I’m off now to order one for Gizmo and Pupstar.

Barking Bugle Readers Special Offer!  £1.00 off the retail price of a flexitag….just add ‘Frodo’ in the discount box.  Visit Flexitags and order yours now!

(Offer expires 15th December 2018)

Woofs Frodo 

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