Hunstanton crowns K9 Carnival King & Queen

Barked By Frodo | 28th June 2017

Hunstanton crowns K9 Carnival King & Queen

I was absolutely delighted the other day when I was on the dog and bone to one of the organisers of the Hunstanton Carnival.  The reason was that the Barking Bugle was invited for the first time to host a fun dog show on the Green, in front of The Pier Amusements, as part of the weekend long Carnival celebrations.  The Barking Bugle gang and I were very excited and immediately started work planning the event and telling our humans what to do.

There were 8 classes that any dog could enter.  Lots of lovely doggies paraded around the ring and as always, Lily’s mum, who was judging had a really hard time choosing the winners…I think she wanted to give every dog a 1st place rosette and I can’t disagree with that!

The winners were:-

Prettiest Girl – Dotty and Charlie/Reuben and Tom
Handsome Boy – Olly and Leo
Most Appealing Eyes – Dexter and Leia, Charlie & Suzie
Dog the Judge would like to take Home – Trixie and Beverley
Best Rescue – Sammy Jo-Jo and Martin and Val
Waggiest Tail – Clover and Angie
Best Veteran – Daisy and Gitana
Stylish Dog – Trixie and Beverley 

We were thrilled to see a good number of humans and their canine pals turn up for the show, and what we liked most of all was when people started clapping the winners of the rosettes from 1st to 4th.  It was a very friendly atmosphere and all the doggies woofed nice comments to us at the end.

Once these classes were over we held two very special classes to find our K9 Carnival King and Queen.  To qualify for these classes dogs had to be living in either Hunstanton or Old Hunstanton. The winner would then be able to enter the Carnival Parade on Sunday.  The winners were:-

Hunstanton K9 Queen – Bonny and Sharon
Hunstanton K9 King – Harry and Felicity

Well done to everyone who took part in the show and as we always say here at The Barking Bugle, it doesn’t matter if you win a rosette or not, you all go home with the best dog in any case!

Profits from the show will be added to our fund raising campaign to purchase Pet Oxygen Masks for Hunstanton & Heacham Fire stations!

Thanks to our pals over at Coastal Vets for sponsoring the rosettes and to the Hunstanton Carnival Committee for, what I am sure everyone will agree, was a totally pawesome and exciting weekend of events and entertainment.

Woofs Frodo and Lily

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