Lights, Camera, Action!

Barked By Gizmo | 31st January 2018

Lights, Camera, Action!

It has been an extremely busy and exciting time here in the Barking Bugle household recently. It all began just before Christmas when ITV phoned us to ask if my two brothers and I could attend a canine festive lunch that was being organised by the management of the Dabbling Duck in Great Massingham. Well, anyone who knows us must surely be aware that we all love to pose in front of the camera, particularly ME! We barked our approval immediately – this was an offer we simply could not refuse! What could be better, being filmed doing what we like best – tucking into some quality nosh and wearing party hats!

When we arrived at the pub we saw the TV camera crew and we were very excited. We were told that the first camera shot was going to include us and a few of our other furry friends entering the Dabbling Duck on our paws. Unfortunately my brother, Frodo, did a number two just as filming had commenced and so we had to re-shoot the opening scene! I know I’ve disgraced myself on many occasions but this really did take the biscuit! And speaking of biscuits, boy oh boy did we enjoy tucking into the Christmas feast which the management had laid on for us! It was a really happy event and it was pleasing to repawt that all the canines got on with each other.

During the afternoon my mum and I were interviewed about the event and we were all very proud to see ourselves on TV later in the evening. Indeed, we were so impressed by the Dabbling Duck’s welcome and hospitality which extended to all our furry friends, that we decided to present the manager with our new ‘4 Paw Star’ Certificate, awards only to establishments the Barking Bugle team recognise as really going out of their way to be dog friendly. Our thanks go to ITV for inviting us to this event, and in particular to all the staff at the Dabbling Duck for making us all feel so welcome.

Last Spring Lily, our Science repawter, informed us of a TV programme called ‘Britain’s Favourite Dogs’ that was being produced in London, celebrating the top 100 dog breeds in Great Britain.  She managed to pull a few strings and guess what, we were both invited to take part! We were absolutely thrilled to be invited and after much washing and grooming we were ready to make the journey down to London, eagerly looking forward to what might lie ahead.

The TV programme was hosted by Ben Fogle and Sarah Cox and featured various celebrities talking about their beloved pets. During the day Lily and I were both able to have a good chat to the presenters and I think we gave a good impression of ourselves. I was absolutely thrilled to see us both featured quite a lot in some of the opening scenes, and again later in the programme. I was particularly envious of Lily who represented the Border Jack breed which came in at number 68.

As it turned out the King Charles Spaniels managed to come in at a very impressive tenth place – well, we are pretty special and lovable you know!!! Although I wasn’t in the clip representing my breed you can see me in various other scenes – I think my best moment was when I ran straight to one of the cameras near the beginning!

Britains Top 100 Dogs

ITV Britains Fav Dogs – Top 100. The number one spot went to the lab – pawesome choice but I thought it might be pugs. Who did you think would win and which breed of doggy would be your number one? For anyone who missed my appearance on the show here is my best bit? Short & sweet – just like me some would say. Hehehehe Woofs Gizmo Cavalier You can catch up with the entire show at

Posted by The Barking Bugle on Thursday, 18 January 2018


In the end the Labradors sealed top spot at number 1 with Crossbreeds at number 2 and Jack Russells at number 3. To be honest, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter whether you are first or 217th(yes, believe it or not there are 217 recognised dog breeds in the UK right now), you are all beautiful and thoroughly deserve your chance to shine!

Lily and I both enjoyed the occasion immensely – I can’t thank her enough for mentioning it to me in the first place! We even managed to get a few selfies with Ben Fogle himself who was very charming. I’d like to think that both Lily and I both represented our breeds well and for once I didn’t disgrace myself.

Woofs Gizmo


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  1. Bobby Hoyle says:

    Bowled over by this amazing repawt – Congratulations. Admiring woofs from Gabyn and Digger xx

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