Lost to Found, A Guide to Keep Around

Barked By Thor and Loki | 16th February 2018

Lost to Found, A Guide to Keep Around

Going on holiday with the pawrents is fangtastic! We get to experience new places, sounds, smells and meet different dogs and humans.  However, what happens if a scent catches your attention, you spot something to chase or something startles you?  By the time you stop and look around your pawrents are nowhere to be seen? You’re not familiar with the area and neither are mum or dad…Eeeek! Trembling, scared and panicking,  you could be anywhere!  What happens now? Who can help get you and your family reunited as quickly as possible?

There is help out there.  Two companies, DogLost and Pet Log, are dedicated organisations in reuniting both dog with owner:-

DogLost is the UK’s largest dog rescue community in the UK. Any missing/stolen and found dogs can be registered on their site quickly, easily and for free. When registering with DogLost, make sure you include as many details as possible and have some really good up to date photos. For example, our pawrents would include the fact that we are both castrated, our skin markings, eye colour, fur patterns etc. The more details you include the better the chances are that you will be reunited.

Helen Jermy is the Norfolk/Suffolk and Cambridge area Co-Ordinator for DogLost. She helps by making sure that the DogLost social media accounts are updated with the relevant details. She also has area volunteers who will help in the search to reunite both dog and owner.

PetLog is the UK’s main database for microchipped pets (by law we should all be microchipped). Visit the site to ensure your details are registered and correct; if not it’s easy to  create a free Petlog Account (we recommend you check this at the time of microchipping). Like DogLost you can register missing and found dogs on the site. If you purchase a Petlog premium account (a one off payment) they will send out alerts to animal professionals in a 30 mile radius of where you were last seen.

Make sure ALL details are up to date, that we are microchipped and we are wearing the correct form of ID (either collar, tag or both).

Going missing is a harrowing time for all concerned. To have companies like the ones above on your side makes it easier. We understand that all our pawrents want is to have us back and thinking of what to do isn’t always easy.  DogLost have produced the following flier with some handy information.  (Take a screenshot so you always have the information on you).

Other things you can do:-

• If there are any properties nearby knock on the door and ask if they wouldn’t mind checking garages/sheds in case we’ve snuck in.

• Contact the local vets, the dog warden & nearby rescue centres. Ask as many people as you can if they have seen your dog.

• Carry an up to date photo to show people, as explaining may be hard to do.

• Keep a contact number available. If this is a mobile then please try and keep it charged. You can buy portable charging banks to top up the battery life.

• You can go to the local library to download and print posters (charges may apply).

• Do not disclose your dog’s name and your address. Do not give a reward value (if offering a reward) and do not give any work or home contact numbers. Some recommend not offering a reward as this may make your dog more attractive to keep.

• On the poster do say whether your dog has been neutered/castrated – this makes them less attractive due to breeding reasons.

• Use the help from locals – they are there with local knowledge and support.

• Call out for your dog but maintain a happy and calm voice. If you can’t do this ask someone to help.

• If you have a map, mark out a 5 mile radius from the spot your furbaby went missing. It will help so that you don’t go over ground you have already covered.

• Keep checking the spot where your furbaby went missing – sometimes they will go back to the place where they last remember being with you.

Do make sure you are wearing either a collar that is embroidered with your contact details or you are wearing an ID tag or even both at the same time, as you have the collar in case the ID tag falls off. The relevant details needed are:- name and address of your hooman including postcode.

For example:- D Pupstar, 1 Dontrunaway Road, AB12 3CD. Tel:- 07777 123456

A contact phone number is optional but we would recommend adding this information.

Another thing that is useful are Dog Trackers. These can be bought as a collar or as a tag. The GPS trackers are electronic devices that have transmitters. Using the app on your mobile phone you are able to locate your dog’s location. These cost approximately £45 plus and some may have monthly charges.

When reunited remember you have both been scared. All the emotions you will be feeling are totally normal. Give each other lots of snugz.

Pawsome companies such as DogLost and PetLog help reunite many furbabies with their pawrents. We are lucky to have Helen Jermy and her team of volunteers looking out for missing furbabies and reuniting them with their very worried pawrents. We are grateful to everyone who helps reunite pawrent with furbaby and we praise them for their commitment and hard work.

Woofs Thor & Loki – Health & Lifestyle Repawters

Contact Details

Contact Dog Lost Main Office on www.doglost.co.uk Tel: 016633 673859

Facebook page for Dogs Lost Norfolk & Suffolk:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/DogLostNorfolkSuffolk/

Pet Log Tel: 01296 336579 – 24 hour help line: 087 060 76751

Animal Warden Services for Breckland, Broadland & Great Yarmouth Tel: 01362 858500

King’s Lynn & West Norfolk Borough Council: 01553 616200 (Found dogs usually taken to the Dogotel Kennels. Tel: 01485 520346).

North Norfolk Council Tel:  01263 513811

Norwich Council Tel: 0344 9803333

South Norfolk Council Tel: 01508 533977/07502152666


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