Lucy’s Law

Help to put an end to puppy farming!

Barked By Frodo | 1st January 2018

Lucy’s Law

Paws up if you want to see an end to the horrific puppy farming trade?  OK, that’s all of you! Here’s how you can help:-

Support Lucy’s Law – Named after the amazing Lucy the Rescue Cavalier who was rescued from a Welsh puppy farm.

Lucy’s Law is a Government Early Day Motion (EDM) 695, that calls for an end to the third party sale of puppies (pet shops, etc.).  Visit this link to see if your MP has signed.  If not please write to your MP and ask them to sign the EDM.  If your MP won’t sign, please politely ask them why.

Post pictures like our one above on all your social media accounts.  Include the #LucysLaw so we can all share.

What are puppy farms?

Puppy farms are where dogs are kept for solely breeding purposes.  The dogs live in the most appalling conditions: dark, smelly, unclean, cold with nothing more than damp floors or newspaper to lie on.  The dogs are totally unsocialised, have a poor diet and run about in their own faeces and urine.  They are inbred and riddled with infection. These pups are then sold en-masse to pet shops, or advertised online in free newspaper adverts.

Most pups will die soon after purchase or have permanent health and behavioural issues costing thousands of pounds in  treatment, resulting in more pain and heartbreak for both pups and their families.  At the puppy farms the ‘breeding’ dogs are bred until their bodies are exhausted and crippled and most die at a young age. Puppy farmers are operating everywhere – visit

Please do sign and share this message to everyone you can think of.  Together we can make a change!

Woofs and Hugs Frodo Cavalier x

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  1. olive ramshaw says:

    definately ,as most their health and behavour means people cannot cope ,meet haze and you will see why

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