Meander in the Mayfields

Mayfields is a Countryside Restoration Trust Farm open to the public, run by tenant farmer Sarah Jenkins. Sarah is a sheepdog trainer and canine behaviourist.

Barked By Thor and Loki | 17th July 2018

Meander in the Mayfields

As Health & Lifestyle Repawters, we had the oppawtunity to visit Mayfields Farm in Foulsham.

Our bag was packed and as usual we were left waiting for our pawrents to get their stuff together. Finally we jumped into the car and set off on the journey.

Sitting watching the world go by can make you very sleepy, so after what we thought was 40 woofs, we realised we were about to turn into the entrance of Mayfields Farm.

We knew by sniffing the air that this was going to be somewhere we liked. Also we saw some fellow Border Collie furry friends who politely said ‘Woofers’ to us both.

Meeting up with Sarah Jenkins, who is a sheepdog trainer and canine behaviourist, was a delight. She was very welcoming and we had some great snugz. We were offered refreshments but we had to make sure the pawrents had been watered as we had a busy schedule ahead of us.

Whilst we sat woofing we spotted some horses and goats, we’ve seen horses before….but these goats were giving us the eye. If anything they scared us BOL.

Sarah is a dark horse in herself. Not only does she do Behavioural Training but she also helps train sheep dogs. Whether you need shepherding for work, competition or as a hobby, Sarah is the person to woof to. She has represented England twice in the International Sheepdog Trials and qualified with two dogs in the 2002 Bala World Trials. Now we think that is rather impressive! Also she has helped re-home many rescue furbabies and totally agrees with Lucy’s Law.

Sarah’s way of training is using the Natural Way which this uses pressure/release techniques, similar to those used in Natural Horsemanship. She uses the dogs’ own language to communicate and interact. It develops a strong bond based on trust, loyalty and respect.

Mayfields is not only a place for training but offers education for a hands on exploration of farm life and wildlife. While visiting we saw all these little hoomans running around and they were having so much fun. 

During our visit we had a short walk after the pawrents were watered. There was plenty to see such as goats, beehives and a couple of ponds that have platforms so you can get closer to see the pondlife. Next we had a stroll in the wooded area where our pawrents stopped and read out the informative signs which were very interesting to listen to. As we carried on we spotted different types of sheep….looking to see if our pawrents were paying attention, we thought we could sneak off and have a go at rounding them up. But, as usual, our pawrents were watching our every move….maybe next time BOL? 

Soon we approached the enclosures for the Red Squirrels. It was such a shame we didn’t get to chase them…we mean see them woofywoofwoof! 

We also sniffed a new building for those budding bird spotters, overlooking different habitats. Mayfields is definitely a place of farmlife and wildlife and time slips away during the peaceful walks.

Please make sure all furbabies are on the lead as there are farm animals on the grounds – also make sure you clean up after us! 

Mayfields Farm host open days and hold various events throughout the year and offer educational visits for groups up to 30.  To find out more visit the Mayfields Farm website.

Woofs Thor & Loki – Lifestyle Repawters at The Barking Bugle

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  1. r m haynes says:

    nice repawt collie bruvs keep up the good work I am sure lots of furbabies would love to come hear

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