My trip on a Broads Tours day boat

Barked By Guest Barker | 20th May 2018

My trip on a Broads Tours day boat

My name is Buddy. I’m a 3-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever and I love life! We do lots of fun things in my pack (me, my mum and my dad) and recently I was told it was time to test my sea legs – I wasn’t sure about this but I’m always excited to be out and about, so I hopped excitedly into the car and we set off for a village in the Broads called Wroxham.

When we arrived we were right next to the river and I was hoping I would get to jump in and cool off but there were lots of boats in the way and I wasn’t let off the lead. My pawrents took me to a window in a wall where they chatted a person the other side, I tried to be as patient as I could be in all the excitement. Soon we set off towards the river. 

My pawrents started talking to a man who gave them lots of paper and then he bent down and scratched my head – he was lovely. He took us to a boat and my pawrents got on board. I could see they wanted me to follow them but I was a bit nervous as it was rocking and there was a little gap between the floor and the boat. Luckily mum had brought biscuits and I was happy to jump on board and gobble one (or two!). 

I was still a little bit nervous on the boat as I don’t really like to be trapped and when they turned the key the boat started to vibrate underneath my paws. I really wasn’t sure about this, but my mum said I was a good boy and gave me another biscuit and I decided it was worth staying on the boat, at least until the biscuits ran out. 

The boat started moving and I could feel the wind in my ears and the sun on my fur. I stuck my tongue out and moved to the side of the boat. I loved feeling the breeze on my face and it made me feel relaxed and ready for our adventure!

There was loads to see on the boat, including lots of other people and dogs on boats, along with ducks, swans and new birds I hadn’t seen before. I couldn’t get to any of the birds though as my pawrents kept me on the lead so there was no chance of hopping off the boat. 

We were on the boat for little while, then the boat stopped right next to my favourite walking spot, Salhouse Broad! We had never arrived by boat before and it was such a great surprise when I realised where I was! 

We got off the boat and I ran around and splashed in the water and played with the other dogs who were also on a walk. I had a great time and then we all sat on the grass and had a rest and of course gobbled some more biscuits! Mum and dad had food too, but I wasn’t allowed any of that. 

After we all had a lie down we got back on the boat.  I was a bit soggy by this point from playing in the Broad and the wind felt even cooler now that my fur was wet, so I resumed my position on the side of the boat and enjoyed the journey back from where we started.

We stopped, I jumped off and I wagged my tail hard because I’d had lots of fun…plus I got another head scratch from the man who gave my pawrents the papers.

Although I was a bit unsure at first, I ended up having a brilliant time on the boat and I’m excited to do it again!

Woofs Buddy – Guest Repawter for The Barking Bugle

Buddy and his family enjoyed a day boat hire on the Norfolk Broads with Broads Tours, based in Wroxham. In addition to dog friendly day boat hire, their sister company Norfolk Broads Direct also offer dog friendly holidays on holiday cruisers and within holiday cottages. For details of other great doggy days out visit our tourist guide


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