Pawesome Pressie ideas for Christmas!

Barked By Thor and Loki | 13th December 2018

Pawesome Pressie ideas for Christmas!

It’s almost Christmas and that time of year when all the treats saved up in the doggy bank can be exchanged to buy pressies for your pawrents, family, friends or a furbaby that needs the wag put back in their tail. Everything is tail waggly exciting with nose sniffing surprises!

Our pawrents asked us to have a sniff around the internet for any gifts we would like Santa Paws to bring us. So, with paws on keys we clicked away and found some pawsome ideas for gifts.

Lickimat – cost small £3.89,  large £9.99

Lickimats come in 2 different sizes: 20cm x 20cm and 28cm x 28cm, you also have a choice of different designs, the ones we have are called Buddy.

The idea is to spread your favourite treats, such as peanut butter, liver paste, yoghurt etc. over the mats’ surface. Lickimats can also be put in the freezer overnight. We spread peanut butter with liver paste and were happily licking for a good hour or so. Licking is very soothing for us dogs and also helps stimulate saliva as our digestive aid. These mats are pawsome, especially as a boredom buster.

42cm Snack Snake £8.50

This snack shaped toy has a long slit underneath which is hollow.  This space can be filled with yummy treats such as blended fruit, veg, minced raw meat, peanut butter, yoghurt, liver paste or all of the above mentioned put in sections ….. drooltastic!

Like the lickimat, this toy can be placed in the freezer to make us work harder for the treats, therefore keeping us busy for longer. We also see this one being fangtastic for the summer time – you can put in some nice frozen treats to help keep us hydrated and cool.

Meridian Smooth Peanut Butter

This product  contains 100% peanut, no nasty Xylitol or Palm Oil. You do have to give it a good stir when you want to use it due to the peanut oil, but once all mixed, it is a wooftastic treat, especially frozen.

Remember to always check that there is no Xylitol in peanut butter – read our article to find out why?

Smart Bones

For those who do not like giving rawhide to their furbaby, this is the next best thing. Made with vegetables, chicken, vitamins and minerals, there is no raw hide in sight. They may not last as long as raw hide bones, but they are a lot more digestible and very yummy tasting. They have a great collection and hopefully some more of their products that are currently USA based only will soon arrive in the UK.

Prices vary depending on what you buy, you could end up spending anything between £3-£10. You can buy mini to large bones and stick chews.

Three Dog Bakery

Another fangtastic treat! The two pictured are our favourites, when our pawrents have biccies with a cuppa, we can have a couple of our own biccies. The treats are flavoursome and our mouth goes on auto drool the moment we know one of their treats is coming our way BOL. Prices ranges from £5-£10.

Snuffle Balls

These fantastic Snuffle Balls have more than one use – they are of course great balls for playing fetch, but they can also be used for tug games, and best of all they can be filled with treats for interactive games, keeping you occupied while you search out the hidden treats. The balls are hollow and treats can be put in the middle through the fleece.

The small balls have an approximate diameter of 16cm. Large balls have an approximate diameter of 24 cm and the extra large balls have an approximate diameter of 30 cm.

Carnilove Dog Treats

We came across these earlier in the year by accident. Our mum had put one in the basket to look at and totally forgot it was there, so we ended up getting to taste them. Best mistake our mum ever made…. woofywoofwoof.

There is a pawsome selection of meat and fruit treats including little crunchy biscuits made with fangtastic flavours. We feel a lot of work has gone into trialling what fruit goes with what meat. Carnilove also do a range of dog food both dry and wet. The treats are approximately £3 per bag.

Vintage Dog Bedding 

A range of products including bedding, coats, and bandannas made from pre-loved, vintage or reclaimed fabrics, so each item is unique.

I.D. Tags

Stylish I.D. Tags that attach to your collar or harness.  Order before 15th December for an exclusive BB offer of £1.00 off the list price.  Just put ‘Frodo’ in the voucher code.

Some of our favourite online shopping sites:


This is a site we wuff. They always seem to have discounted toys, well, it feels that way every time we look, BOL.  A fangtastic selection of toys from soft & fluffy to full strength tuggers. Of course they do other stuff as well, such as food, treats, beds, bowls etc. 

We couldn’t believe how wooftastic this site was. You type in the breed of your furbaby, hopefully they will have the breed you type in, you then get to choose a doggy cartoon head picture that is the closest looking one to your furbaby, then type the name……….

Next you will see pages of gifts for both furbaby and humans. The gifts can either be personalised with your furbabies’ name or just the cartoon head picture. They have a great selection of gifts from bowls, tea towels, aprons, calendars, books, clocks, blankets, bags, pooch beer, coasters, cushions, beds, pillows …… oh the list goes on.

You can add other furbabies, but unfortunately we did not see how you can add multiple furbabies to one gift. Everything is separate. It didn’t stop us wanting to spend our saved up treats. We wuff our bandanas, so we chose the one with the peeking head and our name. We are going to look rather dapper BOL

Truly a wooftastic site for that special personalised present that can be kept for years to come.

Another pawsome site. You can buy for both human and furbaby. The reason we are mentioning this particular site is because we can’t forget our furfriends who have crossed The Rainbow Bridge. DforDog have some truly pawsome, unique & sentimental memorials. Looking through we were touched at the variety there is, from urns, jewellery, memorial blocks, keepsake boxes, key chains etc. Every item is beautiful & sentimental.

If you are looking for something extra special to remember your furbaby, this is a site we really recommend. They also sell clothing, bowls, beds, leads, tags, harnesses, gifts etc. Whether you are looking for a gift as low as £3 or a gift up to £100, there is plenty to choose from.

We hope this gives some inspiration for some unique gifts.

Wishing you all a waggly tail Christmas and a pawesome New Year.

Woofs Thor & Loki – Barking Bugle Health and LifeStyle Repawters

N.B – When using any product that gives your furbaby additional treats, please remember to watch their food intake. Our pawrents will reduce our main meal to compensate using the Lickimat & Snack Snake.

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