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Barked By Pupstar | 29th April 2018


I was putting paw to paper the other day when I suddenly realised just how impawtant our paws word are! Indeed it’s incredible how frequently they crop up in conversation in the Barking Bugle household every day! I have compiled a list of some of my favourite ones with definitions. Here they are:-     

Appawling  =  very bad, awful. (Often associated with my brother Gizmo’s behaviour!) 

Depawt  = to leave or to force someone out of a country. (Thank goodness Gizmo has never been abroad – he’s already been chased out of Scotland!) 

Downpaw  =  a heavy fall of rain. (We King Charles Spaniels do not like this at all!)

Impawfect  =  not perfect. (You definitely couldn’t describe me as this!)

Impawssible  = can’t do it! 

Impawster  =  a dog who pretends to be someone else to deceive others.

Impawt  =  to bring goodies from overseas.

Impawtant  =  of great significance.

Oppawtunity  = a chance to do something.

Pawfect  =  a description of me!

Pawcket  = a small bag used to carry articles such as doggy chunks.

Pawdecure  =  having your nails done. (We like this sort of pampering!)

Pawk  = a  big space for walkies.

Pawrents  =  a doggy’s mother and father.

Pawesome  = extremely good, excellent. (We use this one a lot!)

Pawrly  =  unwell.

Pawse  =  to have a rest from barking.

Pawsh  = elegant or stylishly luxurious. (This description seems pawfect for us Spaniels!)

Pawsche  = a high performance sports car.

Pawsecco  =  an Italian white wine. (Gizmo is extremely fond of this!)

Pawssess  =  to own.

Pawsterity  =  difficult economic conditions ie. a reduction in doggy chunks.

Pawsture  = how you sit, stand, and lie down.

Pawssibility  =  a thing that may happen.

Pawtato  = a vegetable that grows underground.

Pawtential  = abilities for success.

Pawtfolio  = Frodo’s chunk account at Barkleys Bank.

Pawticular  = a certain way of doing things.

Pawtograph  =  my signature.

Pawtrait  =  a painting of a doggy. 

Pawty  =  a social gathering of invited guests. (We really like these!)

Propawse  = to ask for paw in marriage. 

Repawcussions  = what happens when I roll in horse poo! 

Repawt  =  we are pawticularly good at this!

Repawtition  = rolling in horse poo again! 

Spawt  =  chasing a ball. 

Stupaw  =  a state of near unconsciousness. (Gizmo has experienced many drunken ones in his time!)

Supawficial  = what this list is. 

Supawlative  =  of the highest degree or quality; what this guide is. 

Supawmarket  = a big shop that sells doggy chunks.

Supawvise  = making sure I make the tea properly. 

Topawry  =  the art or practice of chewing shrubs into ornamental shapes. (We are all really good at this skill!)

Transpawt  = how you get somewhere.  

I really hope you have enjoyed reading this article – I bet you can think of a whole host of other words that would look good in my list. Why not have a go yourself?

Woofs Pupstar – pawfect pooch and K9 repawter 

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1 thought on “PAWSE FOR THOUGHT”

  1. Sarah and Stanley says:

    Pawgeous! When describing a particularly cute pooch!

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