Pet Stay

Barked By Guest Barker | 12th April 2018

Pet Stay


Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Mira and I am weally excited to tell you all about the wonderful time I had when my pawrents went on holiday and I went to stay with a PetStay Norfolk carer family. 

The first day was a bit scary but they were so kind and understanding and used the same routine as I have at home so I soon felt pawfectly comfortable. 

My holiday family have  two dogs as well, Seamus and Mary. I got on particularly well with Mary – we ran together during our walks on the beach and in the woods….

and afterwards I had a wovely relaxing time on the sofa. 

During my stay I had a good chance to find out how PetStay Norfolk works because my carer family was Sophia; her husband and two children and Sophia own the franchise. I paid close attention when she spoke to pawrents of other dogs and I now know the following:- 

Sophia finds out lots and lots and lots about the dogs so that she can match them up very carefully with the right carer. If the dog normally sleeps with the owners in their bed, then Sophia finds a carer that will do the same.  

The dogs always meet the carers that Sophia has chosen and then decide with their pawrents if they would be happy to go there for a holiday. If the carer has a dog then they get to meet the dog as well and only if they are pawfectly matched will the booking go ahead. 

Oh, and something else I picked up on – I heard Sophia say that most of her carers are happy to send photos to the pawrents while they are on holiday so that they can see for themselves that their precious pooch is indeed having a great time, just like I did, as you can all see from the pictures (Sophia sent lots of pictures to my family as well).

Lastly but hugely impawtent is that all the carers have someone check on them called ‘the council’, and they give them ‘a licence’! Sophia also goes to all the carers before the council does and she checks that they truly love dogs and their homes are safe.

If you would like to have a lovely holiday like I did, please get your hooman pawrents to contact Sophia.

Or if you know someone who you feel would make a pawfect carer, get your pawrents to point them to Sophia as well,  on 07861 957551 or they can send an email to 

They can also find information on or on the Facebook page 

Woofs Mira

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1 thought on “Pet Stay”

  1. Sophia Guymer says:

    Ahh the lovely Mira, Mary loved her!! Thankfully her next holiday is already booked so we can look forward to that!

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