Pup Aid 2018

Barked By Gizmo | 4th September 2018

Pup Aid 2018

On Saturday, 1st September, I travelled down to London to join fellow anti-puppy farming campaigners at the  ‘Pup Aid 2018’ Fun Dog Show held at Primrose Hill.

Pup Aid was founded in 2010 by TV vet, Marc Abraham, to raise awareness of the cruel puppy farming industry. The organisation has been lobbying MPs in Westminster for the past 8 years to make changes to the law regarding the sale of puppies.  In August this year finally the government listened and announced plans for a consultation to ban pet shops and other third party dealers  from selling puppies and kittens under new legislation known as Lucy’s Law. This is named after ex-puppy farm breeding dog, Lucy the Rescue Cavalier whom many of you follow on social media.

Pup Aid receives enormous support from a nation of animal lovers including celebrities Brian May, Peter Egan, Ricky Gervais, Penny Lancaster and Meg Mathews to name but a few. Many of them happily give up their time to come along and judge the Fun Dog Show. As I was had been granted a press pass for the event I was lucky enough to be allowed in the VIP or rather VIPup area where I got to meet some of them for a bark and pose for a few photos.

Gizmo with Pup Aid supporter Ricky Gervais

I was delighted to meet animal welfare champion Peter Egan who is one of my heroes and even more astounded when he said, ‘ Hello Gizmo.’ ‘Peter follows the Barking Bugle on twitter but I really didn’t expect him to recognise me…what an honour!’

Gizmo with Peter Egan and Victoria Stilwell

Puppy farming in the U.K. is a cruel practice and has to be stopped! It is purely for profit without a thought for the welfare or happiness of the pups, breeding bitches and stud dogs. There are many puppy farmers operating here in my home county of Norfolk.  Earlier this year a 76 year old woman was charged with 17 counts of breaching animal welfare in North Norfolk.  Dogs and puppies were found in appalling conditions; kept outside in the cold without food or water, no toys and limited bedding.

Rachel Riley & Pasha – Pup Aid

If you are thinking of getting a puppy please never ever purchase one from a pet shop, or from an advertisement in the newspaper or on the internet. The chances are the puppy has come from a puppy farm – so please do not fuel the trade, causing even more puppies and breeding bitches to suffer. When purchasing a puppy always ask, ‘Where’s mum?’ Visit the premises where the puppy is kept and ask to see their kennelling conditions. Do not arrange to meet people at a service station or anywhere other than where the puppy is living!! 

Pup Aid also encourages prospective dog pawrents to visit their local rescue centre and give a dog a much needed loving, furever home. Recently I was distressed to read that over 47,000 dogs were unclaimed and left abandoned in council pounds in the year 2014- 2015.  (Source – Dogs Trust).

Me with Penny Lancaster

I really enjoyed my day out in the big city and meeting so many lovely doggies and humans.  Barking Bugle Editor, Frodo Cavalier, says he is really proud of me as I didn’t drink too much pawsecco or bite any of the celebs.  I hope you like my repawt too.

Woofs Gizmo x

Please check out the Pup Aid website which has lots of information on how you can support the anti-puppy farming campaign and advice on how you can ensure you’re not getting a doggie from a puppy farm. 




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