Pups Protest at Parliament!

Barked By Lucy | 14th June 2016

Pups Protest at Parliament!

Hello, Lucy here!

On Tuesday 24th May I attended a VERY important rally held in Parliament Square, London.  The event was hosted by Boycott Dogs4Us and the aim was to raise awareness of the cruel puppy farming trade.  Having spent the first 5 years of my life on a puppy farm I’m determined to raise as much awareness as my little paws can manage.

There was a great turnout from campaigners, MPs and celebrities as well as pawsome dog charities – The Mayhew, All Dogs Matter and Raystede Centre For Animal Welfare, all wanting to see an end to this horrific trade.   Everyone that attended the event wanted to spread the message that dogs/puppies being treated in this way is simply not acceptable.

Parliament demo

There were heartfelt speeches from Aaron Mathai of Boycott Dogs4Us, Linda Goodman (C.A.R.I.A.D.), Leigh Catherine Salway on behalf of The K9 Angels https://www.youtube.com/watch,  Caroline Yates from The Mayhew and Mark Phillips of Raystede.  Also taking time out to support the event and speak were MPs Rob Flello, Paul Monaghan and David Amess.

Meg Matthews recounted her experience of unknowingly purchasing a dog from a puppy farm and the emotional and financial costs that then entailed.  Celebrity Jodie Marsh also attended which resulted in a HUGE amount of national press coverage for the event, which was just fabulous! Plus she gives great cuddles!

Jodie Marsh

Marc Abraham, founder of PupAid, a campaign to see the end of puppy farming, spoke about the importance of a ban on 3rd party sales (i.e. puppies in pet shops/garden centres). He also told the crowd and waiting press my story, including all my health issues and how damaging a life of imprisonment on a puppy farm can be for dogs, puppies and potential new owners.  I took it all in my stride (as always) and fell asleep, upside down in the PA’s, aka Mummy’s, arms thinking how very different my life is now.

Upside down Lucy

After all the speeches and catching up with lots of lovely people that had attended, I was asked to appear on BBC Daily Politics, yes me, little Lucy on a politics show!  I was cuddled by Jodie Marsh whilst being fed treats by Marc, as they were interviewed by Giles Dilnot about the day’s event.  I did occasionally try and interrupt to get my point across, in a way only I can!  Plus, if I’m honest, the treats weren’t coming my way quick enough, and oops I may have accidentally thought Marc’s finger was a treat prior to the cameras rolling!  Here’s a link to my interview, how did I do? bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics.

Lucy interview for parliament

The PA and I enjoyed the event enormously and came away feeling that change really was possible – surely it has to be for the sake of the dogs still suffering right at this very moment?

Cavalier Cuddles,

Lucy The Rescue Cavalier xx

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Thanks to Sarah at 11eleven Media (@Twitter) for permission to share photos from the day. x

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