Santa calls in to celebrate Christmas

Barked By Josef | 5th December 2016

Santa calls in to celebrate Christmas

On Saturday, the long awaited Christmas Pudding Pawty got into full swing at The Orchard Tea Room, Wisbech. After weeks of preparation, we were ready and waiting for dogs and their humans to arrive.

child-with-dogDogs of all shapes and sizes turned up, and soon entered into the Christmas Spirit. There was keen interest in the great biscuits we had made, although we were rather concerned at the high demand for the dachshund shaped ones!  Were they trying to tell us something?


Also popular were the Christmas puds, made to our own recipes. On several occasions we were asked for ingredient amounts, but like all professional chefs, we developed selective memory!

Now I don’t wish to embarrass anyone, but we were stunned to observe that no sooner had we got the puds on the table than young Gizmo stole one from right under our noses. If only he had waited it could have been topped with cream cheese! Hehehe!!!

While the humans drank coffee and munched on scrummy cakes from the Tea Room, Santa Paws arrived, accompanied by his own dog.


They had flown in direct from his Lapland headquarters to be with us. It was immediately obvious that he is a great dog lover as he invited all the dogs to come for a cuddle. Loads of pictures were taken, many of which can be found on The Barking Bugle Facebook page.  Here’s one of us with him …. not sure he was completely happy that we had taken time off from our duties at his workshop!


The doggy dip was very popular, with numerous pressies for snouts to rummage about in.  Frisbees, balls, poo bag holders, food, and more were all in there somewhere! It took our friend, Roo, to find the one and only ball, but then she is a Labrador with specialist retrieving skills.


Throughout the morning, dogs and humans were invited to walk in the orchard seeking treasure hunt prizes cunningly secreted in the trees.  There was one large prize among all the little ‘treasures’ , but no one found it, so we accepted bribes for information on its whereabouts.  Eventually, a little dog led her young owner to its location.

While all this was going on, Santa suggested we go into the garden for a group picture.  Here we are with Cassy, a dog we know well, a tiny visitor, Sarah with Roo and Wombat and of course Santa’s dog too.


The Fancy Dress competition to find the best Christmas costumed dog threw up a number of surprises and here is Freddie, modelling his latest millinery creation.


Despite advertising this party as a doggy event, Jim, The Orchard Tea Room proprietor really hadn’t understood what it was all about.  Santa looked more than a little shocked when he saw Jim queueing up to sit on his knee.  Sadly, some humans just don’t get it, do they?


Even more disturbing was the fact that although the puds were made for dogs, Jim wanted one to eat himself,  He took it away for a secret tasting session and returned saying it was delicious, and could he have four more because they make great human snacks!

If asked to sum up the day, we would say that everyone had a happy time, with plenty to do, see and participate in.  Not a cross word was said between dogs, and even the humans seemed to enjoy it.  Well, at least that’s the impression we got from this lady!


Woofs Josef and Emma Teckel, News Editor and journalist

Photos:  Diana Bailey

The Pudding Party was held in aid of Wonky Pets Rescue, which helps and finds loving homes for animal with behavioural or medical issues that some charities cannot take.  They also accept others that are in danger of being put to sleep.    This is an amazing charity, and during the week we will drive over to take anything that we did not use up at the party, to help them have a great Christmas and carry on with their work.  For more information see

Thanks to Natural instinct Dog Food , the event sponsors

The Orchard Tea Room for inviting us to use their premises

and Nimax Wisbech, Pets at Home, Vitalin, Four Friends for their support.

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2 thoughts on “Santa calls in to celebrate Christmas”

  1. Bobby Hoyle says:

    Shame we live in France – we would have loved to be with you all. Christmas woofs from your French cub repawter, Gabyn

  2. Emma Teckel says:

    We are sorry, but we hope you have a happy christmas over there in France. Emma xxx

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